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Urban Decay Debuts ‘Words Hurt IRL’ Campaign Featuring Ava Michelle

Part of the brand’s ongoing collaboration with The Cybersmile Foundation, the campaign is launching in support of Stop Cyberbullying Day.

In support of Stop Cyberbullying Day on June 17, Urban Decay has debuted its Words Hurt IRL campaign, featuring actress Ava Michelle. 

“This campaign is extremely important to me because I have suffered being a victim of cyberbullying myself,” said Michelle, who portrays main character Jodi in Netflix’s “Tall Girl” film franchise. “When we are younger, everything carries weight to us we can’t understand why people are making these comments to us.”

Being exposed to hateful comments often at the hands of strangers from a young age made an impact on Michelle and her self esteem, as it has for many others growing up in the age of the internet, when tuning out negativity has become more difficult than ever before. 

“I won’t be limited by anyone’s opinion of me, and neither should you,” Michelle says in the 40-second campaign video, in which many of the disparaging comments that have been hurled at her online are cast onto her face, slowly disappearing as she asserts her self-confidence. 

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The campaign is the latest facet of the brand’s ongoing collaboration with The Cybersmile Foundation, a nonprofit organization committed to tackling online bullying and abuse. Through its partnership with Michelle, Urban Decay seeks to promote mindful language and kindness online, directing viewers to the six modules the brand released in February 2022 that deliver education and resources to those seeking to learn how they can overcome cyberbullying, as well as avoid engaging in it.

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“The most important thing for all of us is to share our stories, support each other and lead with as much love as possible,” Michelle said. “Moving toward creating a loving social media environment is one of the best things we can do.”



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