A party in an ongoing legal battle between makeup artist Vincent Longo and his former business partner Peter Wagner has a bone to pick with statements Longo has made recently.

In the context of the ongoing lawsuits with Wagner, Longo sat down with WWD and shared his side of what led up to the conflict between the two — a dispute in which Longo is fighting to keep his namesake trademark. Wagner’s lawyer declined to comment for that story.

In his description of events, Longo discussed The Sevin Group, along with Vincent Butta and Seth Elliott’s involvement in the makeup brand. Butta and Elliott are not named as parties in the legal battle between Longo and Wagner.

But in a statement, Butta responded: “I am responding to the article in WWD of Dec. 14, 2016, regarding quotes by Vincent Longo about myself and Seth Elliott of which I want to set the record straight. Vincent Longo has misstated several things including Sevin Group’s role and function, which to clarify, is to fix, stabilize and accelerate poor performing companies. Contrary to what was stated, we were brought in by Vincent Longo and not Peter Wagner [Vincent Longo’s partner at the time] to fix the company. The company, at the time we started, was not in good operating shape. We successfully stabilized and grew the company and the fact that the company is still in business today frankly speaks volumes of what we accomplished considering the poor condition of the company when we arrived. There are issues that are going to be litigated in court which specifically are between Mr. Wagner’s company and Vincent Longo of which we will allow the legal process to proceed and we are not going to comment on those issues.”