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Vintner’s Daughter Releases Third Product: a Cleanser

The cult skin care brand is taking on the cleanser category with a two-in-one formula that seeks to balance and brighten the skin.

Vintner’s Daughter’s third product has arrived.

So, too, has the cult skin care brand’s 10-year anniversary — a milestone that reaffirms winemaker-turned-skin-care-founder April Gargiulo in her steadfast mission of empowering consumers through products that are clean, innovative and above all, worth the wait.

“We take our standards seriously, and so launching products takes the time it takes; there’s no other way to do it,” Gargiulo said.

Over four years in the making — a seeming eternity in today’s hamster wheel-like product launch cycle — Vintner’s Daughter’s Active Renewal Cleanser is now available on the brand’s website for $98.

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The formula harnesses Gargiulo’s proprietary extraction process, Phyto Radiance Infusion, to bring forth a “skin-beautifying” blend of minerals, antioxidants and 19 botanical extracts including kakadu plum, aloe leaf, sunflower seed and frankincense, according to the brand.

April Gargiulo, founder of Vintner's Daughter.
April Gargiulo, founder of Vintner’s Daughter. Sophie Lin Berard Photography

“Cleanser is something we’ve constantly gotten questions about and requests for, but beyond just creating a product to cleanse the skin, it was important for us to offer multidimensional support to the skin,” Gargiulo said.

More than just a category expansion, the cleanser marks the brand’s first oil- and water-soluble formula to date (to recap: the brand’s debut product, the Active Botanical Serum, was an oil-soluble formula, while the Active Treatment Essence launched in 2019 as a water-based complement to its predecessor).

“We didn’t formulate [the cleanser] this way just to say we did it, but so we could deliver the most comprehensive product: one that can emulsify all of the oils, dirt and makeup on your skin, but also deliver those ingredients like horsetail and frankincense, that can help heal and brighten the skin,” Gargiulo said.

Industry sources estimate the cleanser could do $3.5 million in first-year sales, though Gargiulo did not comment on the estimates.

“We were looking for plants that, throughout history and throughout cultures, have been proven to help amplify circulation in the skin,” said Gargiulo, adding that Vintner’s Daughter became a certified B Corp in 2022.

“We’re disciplined about our standards of quality and craftsmanship, because we know those two things are what drive our performance; everything we do is in service of our mission to make our community feel joy, gratitude and confidence in their skin.”