NEW YORK — Since Liz Claiborne Cosmetics launched Vivid last fall, the scent’s lone ancillary product — a body lotion — has doubled expectations, ringing up 22 percent of the fragrance’s sales to date.

To capitalize on the apparent appeal of Vivid bath and body products, Claiborne executives have decided to offer a preview set of a new batch of ancillary items.

The preview, which will be on counters in July, will include small versions of a shower gel, shaker talc and body cream, along with a 1-oz. eau de toilette spray. It will retail for $39.50.

Neil Katz, president of Claiborne Cosmetics, said the set is meant to lure the Vivid customer to the full-size line extensions that will be launched in September.

“It’s a heavy investment for a consumer to go buy a $50 body cream,” Katz said.

All Vivid doors, expected to total 1,400 by the fall launch, will carry the preview set and the full bath and body line, Katz said.

Claiborne executives declined to discuss dollar figures, but Katz said he expects the new products — not including the preview set — to add 15 percent to Vivid’s sales. According to sources, the additions could push Vivid’s wholesale volume to about $23 million this year.

Katz noted that typical line extensions do 8 to 10 percent of fragrance sales.

The Vivid fragrance also had a teaser campaign: Print ads in June and July magazines offered a 1-oz. eau de toilette for $18.50 through an 800 number.

The bath collection will consist of a 5.3-oz. dusting powder for $45, a 4-oz. talc for $28.50, a 6.7-oz. shower gel for $28.50, a 5.3-oz. body cream for $50 and a soap for $14.50. The new items carry the same cobalt blue, silver and white packaging as the fragrance.

Art Spiro, vice president of marketing, said,”The bath and body line for us is not an attempt to create another product line or get on the bandwagon of spa lines.”

The ancillaries will be featured on the back of scent strips and in remittance envelopes, Spiro said, noting that Vivid’s national advertising budget will be boosted about 10 percent this year. Vivid’s ad budget for the launch period was estimated at $13 million.

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