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Walgreens Expands Feel More Like You Program

The centerpiece of Feel More Like You incorporates an integrated approach to cancer care combining Walgreens beauty consultants and pharmacists.

Walgreens continues to merge wellness and beauty, extending its Feel More Like You program today in 400 stores. It was developed to help people living with cancer and their caregivers manage the potential physical changes associated with treatment.

Much has been discussed about how drugstores fit into the beauty puzzle and examples of pharmacists and beauty consultants working together is a case study Walgreens has singled out as a competitive strength.

The centerpiece of Feel More Like You incorporates an integrated approach to cancer care combining Walgreens beauty consultants and pharmacists who work together to provide personalized expertise and support to people living with cancer.

“For many patients, the result of cancer treatment not only impacts how they feel on the inside, but also the physical and emotional changes can drastically affect their self-image,” said Rina Shah, vice president of pharmacy operations and specialty at Walgreens. “By leveraging the expertise of our beauty and pharmacy teams, we’re looking to provide personalized care for people living with cancer that has not been found in a retail environment before.”

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Walgreens developed the comprehensive offering by collaborating with Look Good, Feel Better, a cancer support program focusing attention on the appearance and beauty needs of cancer patients, and Cancer Support Community.

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Approximately 500 Walgreens beauty consultants have completed specialized training developed by Look Good Feel Better, to address the physical changes associated with cancer treatment such as hair loss and dry hair, dry skin and skin discolorations, sunlight sensitivities and changes to nails and cuticles.

In addition to providing clinical advice on medication, more than 2,000 Walgreens pharmacists have received cancer-specific training to recommend over-the-counter products that may help manage side effects associated with cancer treatment such as skin rash, increased fatigue, mouth sores and dry mouth. Additionally, beauty consultants and pharmacists at Walgreens Feel More Like You stores have completed empathy training from the Cancer Support Community to provide an enhanced level of emotional support during interactions with individuals with cancer.

The initial Feel More Like You pilot launched in spring 2018 at more than 100 Walgreens stores in Austin, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Miami, Milwaukee and Orlando, Fla. With this latest expansion, the service extends to an additional 300 beauty differentiated stores throughout the state of Florida.

“We are pleased to be collaborating with Walgreens on this initiative to help educate their beauty consultants to offer support to cancer patients who visit their pharmacies during treatment,” said Louanne Roark, executive director of the Look Good Feel Better Foundation. “As the organization who pioneered the concept of helping cancer patients manage appearance side effects of treatment, and with support services available nationwide and globally, we are proud to utilize our expertise to give patients an added community resource to support them during treatment.

On a global scale, Walgreens Boots Alliance takes a comprehensive approach toward supporting cancer programs, working with organizations that advance research, expand prevention programs and assist people living with cancer.

Experts at 1,400 Boots stores in the U.K. help individuals with cancer by offering health and beauty advice made possible through specialized trainings by Macmillan Cancer Support, one of the largest British charities supporting people affected by cancer. Boots Macmillan beauty advisors help individuals manage visible side effects of cancer by giving them face-to-face advice about skin, hair and nails. Boots Macmillan information pharmacists are trained to offer advice about treatment and medication, as well as guide patients to more specialized sources of information and support.

Earlier this year, Walgreens also teamed up its pharmacists and beauty experts to provide advice and recommendations on the appropriate sun care regime and proper SPF application. An example includes a pharmacist and beauty consultant collaborating to provide a consult to a patient who is on medication causing sun-sensitivities.