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Wella Professionals Launches Color Touch Plus

The range of 16 semi-permanent shades is targeted to a younger demographic new to covering up gray hairs.

Wella Professionals is expanding its salon color purview — and targeting a younger demographic —with the introduction of Color Touch Plus.

Launching in September, Color Touch Plus is Wella’s new semi-permanent color line, which is designed to cover up to 70 percent of gray hairs. The products are intended for salon use. The line comes in a range of 16 shades — according to the brand, they are mixable so colorists can match to clients’ unique hair color. Color Touch Plus was formulated with a younger customer in mind — someone who is just entering the category after seeing their first signs of gray hair.

“They could be 28, 32 and the stylist sees a few too many grays and wants to start coloring,” said Curtis Friends, brand manager for Wella Professionals in North America. He noted that the idea for the line was born out of Wella’s customer research — the brand saw many clients decide against coloring their hair at the salon, deeming processed color as taking too much time and effort. “Clients were going to the salon and not necessarily getting color because they were afraid of the commitment. This is a more gentle way to [introduce] color for first-time clients entering into the category,” said Friends.

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Wella will be tapping its Top Artists team — a group of celebrity and editorial hair stylists who act as ambassadors for the brand — for social media support during the launch. Sonya Dove, global creative artist for Wella Professionals, and Claudio Lazo have already begun posting in support of Color Touch Plus on Instagram.

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Friends noted that the brand is conscious of hair color trends, and though the current color assortment for the line covers standard hair colors such as varying shades of blonde, brunette, red and black, it will accommodate in the future for “fashion shades.”

The line will be available across all Wella Professionals salon distribution in the U.S. and Canada, after having been launched in Germany earlier this summer. Color Touch Plus is not slated to be sold in salons in South America, though Friends noted if the launch is successful in the U.S., the company will consider entering the product into South American markets.

Wella Professionals is in the process of being acquired by Coty Inc. from Proctor & Gamble, as part of Coty’s larger transaction in acquiring P&G Beauty Brands. The merger is expected to close in October.