Kylie and Kris Jenner

The Kardashian-Jenner beauty dominance is here to stay — at least for 2018.

Arguably one of the world’s most famous families, the Kardashian-Jenners have already established themselves as key players in the beauty space with Kylie Jenner’s namesake cosmetics line bringing in an impressive $420 million in sales just 18 months after the brand’s launch. With the addition of more products — concealers, lipsticks and brushes launched in December and more products are slated for this year; the brand’s first retail partnership with Topshop, and Jenner’s prominent social media presence, the brand is on track to reach $1 billion in sales by 2022.

While the brand’s digital flagship remains its primary sales channel, Jenner’s five-week pop-up shop in seven Topshop stores allowed her to get more experience in brick-and-mortar and potentially explore additional overseas expansion, considering Topshop is headquartered in the U.K.

Hosting her own pop-up shops in Los Angeles in December 2016 and in New York last February, Jenner has plans to open more this year in top markets like Chicago and Houston. No plans have been released on a permanent storefront, but Jenner has said that when she opens a store it will be owned and operated by the brand, similar to the model that direct-to-consumer firms such as Warby Parker and Bonobos have established.

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Following in her younger half-sisters’ footsteps, Kim Kardashian launched her own cosmetics line, KKW Beauty, last June with a Crème Contour & Highlight Kit that sold out immediately after launch, bringing in a reported $14.4 million. Kardashian’s other big launch of the year was KKW Fragrance, a collection of three limited-edition gardenia scents that brought in a reported $14.3 million. Kardashian doesn’t have plans to restock the collection, instead she is releasing a second trio of fragrances in February in time for Valentine’s Day.

She will also add to the KKW Beauty line this year with a concealer kit launching in coming months. Although the sisters are playing in the same field, they don’t see each other as competition.

“I am older than Kylie. We definitely have a different audience,” Kardashian told WWD last year. “We do have a lot of similar things, but we aren’t doing the same products, so we won’t run into that overlap. We’re really cautious of that. We work together to make sure that we don’t overlap like that.”