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Why ‘Indie Sleaze,’ ‘That Girl’ Aesthetics Are Taking Over TikTok

Two opposing trends on TikTok, called "Indie Sleaze" and "That Girl," are gaining traction on Google search.

Move over, e-girls and Euphoria makeup: TikTok has given rise to two new aesthetics.

Search data from Spate indicates growth in two new types of looks, dubbed the “indie sleaze” and “that girl” trends.

“‘That girl’ is essentially this goal to be your best self, and it’s embracing all the wellness trends like waking up super early, using a gua sha,” said Yarden Horwitz, cofounder of Spate. “‘Indie Sleaze’ is the perfect counter-trend to that, where people are rebelling against that type of perfection: running mascara, lip stain that gets a bit messy.”

Although the two aesthetics are dialectically opposed, they attract the same digitally native consumers. “They might be two totally different people, and there might be people who embrace both in different ways,” Horwitz said. “What’s super interesting is that the Gen Z audience uses different looks depending on the day.”

Here, the top trends associated with “Indie Sleeze” and “That Girl” aesthetics, ranked by monthly increase search volume.

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Indie Sleaze:

  1. Wolf Cut Haircut: +55,000
  2. Shag Haircut: +53,100
  3. Red Lipstick: +20,400
  4. Mullet Shag: +10,400
  5. Curly Shag: +9,700
  6. Lip Stain: +6,700
  7. Texturizing Powder: +3,100
  8. Root Smudge: +1,900
  9. Smudged Eyeliner: +1,100
  10. Smokey Eyeliner: +1,100

That Girl:

  1. French Tip Nails: +362,500
  2. Gua Sha: +329,500
  3. Brow Lamination: +216,300
  4. Hair Claw: +43,300
  5. Lip Plumping Gloss: +25,100
  6. Hair Clip: +24,000
  7. Soap Brows: +12,200
  8. Hot Rollers: +5,800
  9. Gua Sha Oil: +5,700
  10. That Girl Aesthetic: +2,600