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Winky Lux and Applebee’s Launch Wing-inspired Lip Glosses

Yes, they taste like wings, too.

Wing lovers can now get their favorite flavors anytime.

Beauty brand Winky Lux has joined forces with Applebee’s to launch a collection of lip glosses, inspired by the restaurant’s four most popular wing sauces.

Coming in Get Me Hot Buffalo, Sweet Chile Kiss, Be My Honey Pepper and Honey BBQ-T, the lip glosses launch on July 29 and can be purchased at for $18 each, or $65 for the full Saucy Gloss collection. 

“These glosses are one of the most fun projects we’ve ever worked on,” said Winky Lux founder and chief executive officer Natalie Mackey, who noted that getting each lip gloss to actually taste like its respective wing flavor was one of the Winky Lux R&D team’s most challenging undertakings to date (and the first that left their lab smelling like a restaurant for the duration of its development). 

Formulated with food-grade ingredients, the flavored glosses seek to bring a differentiated take to the fusion of food and beauty. “There are a lot of food collaborations going on in beauty,” Mackey said. “We didn’t want to do a palette or a color collaboration, because we didn’t feel like it was a new point of view in the market.”

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Additionally, the companies have released a song called “Taste My Face,” with a music video directed by Hannah Lux Davis. The song is also available as a TikTok sound, allowing the app’s users to upload their own content to the playful jingle to commemorate the launch. 

“We only want to do things that are exciting to the customer,” Mackey said. “Applebee’s is having a full cultural moment right now, and like us, they also have a huge Gen Z following, so it’s kind of an interesting marriage. Even though it might not seem natural, it really is.”