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Last Call: Words to Live By

Beauty execs on the one word that they believe will define the year ahead.

Colorful Certainly from a celebration of uniqueness and from an ethnicity perspective, but also diversity within that ethnicity. You think about empathy, LGBTQ, fathers versus sons, the uniqueness and all the color in between living and such, that fundamentally will be the future of not only our industry but everything. It will be shades of color darker than it was in the previous 200 plus years. — Tristan Walker, Walker and Company Brands Inc.

Positive We are seeing the start of such positive change for the good where it was needed, and we are also seeing such positive technology coming through, whether its product or devices, it’s definitely positive. — Newby Hands, Net-a-porter

Diversity Diversity of social channels, and a greater diversity in marketing campaigns, with diversity at the core of it. — Jean-Denis Mariani, Coty Inc.

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Honest I don’t think perfection sells like it used to. Honesty sells more than perfection these days. I’m excited to see the honest beauty world because I think it’s a lot more positive anyway. — Emma Chamberlain, Bad Habit

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Personalized As we are able to do a better and better job of understanding our consumers and deliver what she wants, but also things that are exciting to her, we’re able to give her areas of opportunities to explore. The more personal and more relevant we can make, the more more desirable it will be to our customers. — Jane Lauder, The Estée Lauder Cos. Inc.

Acceleration What I love about beauty is it’s an incredibly fast paced industry, and that’s only been amplified coming out of 2020. I’m looking forward to seeing how quickly the business moves and how quickly the consumer moves with us. — Dina Fierro, Nars

Data-driven Data has become what’s going to dictate the winners and losers in the retail space particularly in beauty. And so any models that allow data and the understanding of the users and that allows the direct relationship with the consumer is a winning model, any model that doesn’t allow that, will lose. — Riccardo Basile, Agora

Innovative More and more people want to see products that are innovative and are new, yet have quality. As founders, I feel like it is our mission to bring that to people and bring that excitement to our consumers and our followers. — Camila Coehlo, Elaluz