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WWD Beauty Inc Awards: Fenty Beauty Wins Digital Innovator of the Year

Fenty Beauty's philosophy of championing diversity has resonated across its social media platforms.

It’s harder than ever to stand out on social media, but one brand has mastered the space just a year after launch. Fenty Beauty by Rihanna is both a digital innovator and champion for diversity, using its platforms—5.6 million Instagram followers, 379,000 YouTube subscribers and 345,000 Twitter followers—to showcase its products on women of all complexions and sizes. The brand engages with its followers regularly, reposting user-generated content and collaborating with mega fans on videos and posts. It also discovers models—Slick Woods and Duckie Thot, included—through Instagram. Rihanna plays a starring role, too: She does her own makeup tutorials, sharing tips and tricks with the ease of a professional. Her #TutorialTuesdays series accounts for some of the most-viewed videos on Fenty Beauty’s YouTube channel, and as she is known to wear products before they launch, her “Get the Look” series follows closely behind. It helps, too, that she has won the hearts of a range of YouTube stars—Jeffree Star, Jackie Aina and Bretman Rock, included—who are apt to post favorable product reviews. With the digital gods on her side, Rihanna is not only winning at music, she’s Fentifying the social media landscape, too.