NEW YORK — Yardley is sending in reinforcements for its year-old Bath Shoppe collection.

On Jan. 31, the company plans to ship two new bath items and add a fourth fragrance to the line with the introduction of a raspberry scent.

The new products are an 8-oz. Luxurious Bubble Bath and a 6.5-oz. Moisturizing Body Cream. These items, each carrying a suggested retail price of $8, will be available in the brand’s new fragrance, Raspberry Bouquet, and its three existing scents: Peach Elegance, Delicate Rose and Essence of Spring.

“When we launched the Yardley Bath Shoppe last February, we set out to be completely different, so we did not include a bubble bath,” said Dan Petchers, director of marketing for Yardley Bath Shoppe. “Our Foaming Bath Oil sells well for us, but we are finding that there is a large group of women who really want to use bubble bath.

“We selected raspberry as our next fragrance because fruity florals remain the strongest-selling fragrances in both the mass and the prestige market,” Petchers added, noting that Yardley’s best-selling fragrance to date is its Peach Elegance.

Industry sources estimated that last year Yardley had a wholesale volume of $15 million to $20 million.

While company executives declined to comment on that estimate, Dan Petchers, director of marketing for Yardley Bath Shoppe, noted that the company is expecting sales increases of 8 to 10 percent this year.

That would give Yardley estimated sales of $16.2 million to $22 million for 1994.

The company is spending $3 million this year on a new print campaign that will break in the second week of March, Petchers said.

The new campaign will attempt to strike a chord with consumers.

“Our last campaign spoke more generically about pampering yourself,” Petchers said. “We want to make self-indulgence more proprietary to Yardley, while having people associate us with flowers.”

To that end, the company has coined the slogan, “The Yardley Bath Shoppe Escape.” Each of the three different ads depicts a woman bathing in what looks like an enlarged flower. One tag line reads, “Dinner is in the oven. Help yourself.”

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Petchers also noted that the company is planning to expand Yardley into previously uncharted waters.

“We realize that we have tremendous equity in personal care, but we think we can expand beyond that into other categories,” Petchers commented.

Other areas the company might explore include home fragrance and home decoration, Petchers said.