Alice H. Chang, chief executive officer, Perfect Corp., has figured out how to attract a Millennial audience online: interactive, beauty-based mobile experiences.

Perfect Corp., the parent company of four beauty-centric apps — YouCam Makeup, YouCam Perfect, YouCam Nails and Beauty Circle — had 230 million users as of the first week of May, according to Chang. She said the growth rate is sharp, with the number of users increasing by five million each week.

“[They are] eager to try everything first, express themselves socially…[try] quality products (leading and indie) and omnichannel purchasing,” said Chang of the predominantly Millennial user that makes up 80 percent of Perfect Corp.’s user base. An app update is unveiled every two weeks that contains new features.

The suite of apps isn’t limited to beauty tools and trying on makeup and nail colors, though. These women want to share with their peers, Chang explained, and a Beauty Social feature inside the app allows them to share messages and photos.

She repeated her mantra, “Be change, see change and embrace change,” several times throughout her presentation, as she outlined the leading innovations in the space: facial recognition technology, beauty big data, augmented reality, color visualization, blending technology and mobile. Many of these are incorporated into Perfect Corp.’s products, which have resulted in a group of highly engaged users.

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YouCam Makeup, for example, sees users trying on 11 colors during an average 3.4 minute session. They open the app, on average, 15 times per month. Thirty million photos are taken with Perfect Corp. apps every single day, and one billion sessions have been logged so far.

But beyond the consumer-facing app experience, there is an arsenal of data that can be very valuable to brands and retailers.

“We can see the top-five lipstick preferences by volume in the U.S. versus China. There’s no need to wait for sales reports to come in [anymore]. We understand real-time user demand differences across geography, age and more,” Chang explained.

Perfect Corp. sends a monthly trend report, Beauty Buzz, which she said is the “first time you can get five million users and see what lip colors they prefer.”

Chang outlined a case study with Elizabeth Arden, the first brand to partner with YouCam Makeup. Over 100 products lived on the app, with each linked to Arden’s e-commerce store at In three months, there were 295 million brand product trials and four million click-throughs to the brand’s e-commerce site.

“We’re still scratching the surface of beauty tech,” Chang said, adding that getting into “real 3-D mode” is next, along with making Beauty Social even more interactive, live casting and better harnessing and analyzing the big data Perfect Corp. collects to give personal recommendations to users and partners.

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