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Youth to the People, Dedcool Join Forces for Limited-Edition Fragrance

Launching Thursday, Cosmic Release marks Youth to the People’s first foray into fragrance and Dedcool’s first collaborative launch.

Skin care brand Youth to the People and fragrance brand Dedcool have a lot in common. 

Both companies were born in Los Angeles, California, hold sustainability at the forefront of their ethos’ and have sought to continuously subvert the should-be’s of their respective categories for the better. 

So it was only natural when two years ago, the brands decided to team up for a fragrance that would combine their complementary identities, marking both brands’ first fragrance collaboration to date. 

Named Cosmic Release, the limited-edition, collaborative fragrance launches this Thursday on both brands’ websites and retails for $100 for a 1.7-oz. bottle. 

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Blending notes of violet, jasmine and rosemary with amyris, vetiver, cedar and patchouli, Cosmic Release is gender-neutral and seeks to embody the feeling of a “back-pat of trust from the universe,” according to Youth to the People cofounder Greg Gonzalez and Dedcool founder and chief executive officer Carina Chaz. 

“We wanted to create a fragrance that would uplift the self, and give you a moment to step into the present,” Gonzalez said. “There’s definitely a ritual aspect to both skin care and fragrance, but with fragrance, that [aspect] can really transport you somewhere.”

Chaz and Gonzales with Cosmic Release.
Chaz and Gonzalez with Cosmic Release. courtesy photo

While the fragrance went through several iterations over the course of its development, its final form happens to be the first version the brands codeveloped, which ultimately felt the most true to their shared purpose. 

“We were potentially going to go with another version of it, but Greg was like, ‘No, my gut is telling me we need to move forward with this one,’” Chaz recalled. “We share a lot of the same consumers, so this fragrance is really for our community — we wanted to create something together that would touch them.”