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Youthforia, the Post-Pandemic Makeup-Skin Care Hybrid Label to Know

The TikTok native and green beauty brand is best known for its color-changing blush.

SHANGHAI — Youthforia founder Fiona Co Chan wants you to sleep in your makeup, or to be more precise: her makeup.

While that could sound sacrilegious to many a beauty aficionado, the San Francisco-based entrepreneur promises her brand Youthforia is fully sound to fall asleep in, and what’s more, goes further than just being another makeup line that infuses an nourishing ingredient or two into its products.

While only launched in April, the brand has been getting buzz on TikTok for both its green chemistry approach and its fun formulations. The label’s standout product thus far is the BYO Blush, a color-changing cheek color that reacts to the pH of each person’s skin to create a unique shade, racking up nearly 19 million views.

“When you first apply it, it goes on clear,” Chan explained, “but then it immediately starts changing color as soon as it hits your skin. For some people it looks cool pink, for others it shows up as a warm terracotta orange, and for others it’ll be this bright cherry, reddish hue. It’s been so cool to see how it looks on everyone’s skin.”

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Youthforia founder Fiona Co Chan
Youthforia founder Fiona Co Chan Courtesy

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Chan chalks up the brand’s conception to her former life in sales for a tech company, which sent her on business trips all around Asia. She soon began to notice that the heavy pollution in many of these cities took a toll on her skin.

“Then when I first started dating my husband, I used to always sleep in my makeup,” she said. “I’ve had experiences in the past where I’ve gone to the hospital with allergic reactions from sleeping in makeup and that’s when I came up with the idea of making makeup that works like skin care. I was like, ‘Why does makeup have to be so bad for our skin?'”

“When we were in the testing phase with BYO Blush, my husband and I literally slept in the formula for two months, and we both noticed brighter and clearer skin on the patches where we tried it. It was so amazing and rewarding to see my idea come to life and actually work.”

The BYO Blush is comprised of 20 plant-based oils that are rich in antioxidants, she shared, as well as the brand’s “Skin Chi complex,” made up of aloe, prickly pear and bilberry, to help increase blood circulation — in other words, to create glow.

As a general rule, Youthforia avoids fossil fuels or petrochemicals where it can; and the line–priced around $26 to $36–is also certified under USDA’s BioPreferred Program, which discloses the exact percentage of a formula that contains fossil fuels.

The brand's products are designed to be stored in magnetic and stackable pans for easy organization.
The brand’s products are designed to be stored in magnetic and stackable pans for easy organization. Courtesy

Hard to miss is the brand’s bold aesthetic — it has a penchant for highlighter colors and big contrast tones in its packaging. But after an extended and subdued time at home, it could be just the thing consumers are looking for.

“As we emerge out of the pandemic, I think the focus is going to be way more on healthy, fresh, real skin and creativity everywhere else,” Chan said. “Like super fun eye and lip looks now that masks are off. Less of a full-blown beat and more focus on highlighting specific features.”

“I also think consumers are more interested and concerned with transparency, sustainability and brand and founder stories,” she said. “They wanna trust and feel connected to who and what they’re investing their money in.”