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How Yspot Is Shifting the Conversation Around Intimate Wellness in Italy

Started as a company selling vibrators, the Italian indie brand is expanding to offer a holistic approach to intimate well-being.

MILAN — To mark its second anniversary, Italian indie brand Yspot has launched Nourish, a plant-based intimate oil for the hydration of vulva’s skin, this week.

By introducing its first skin care product, the company further built on its mission to reshape the conversation around intimate wellness in a country where this topic is traditionally perceived through a patina of cliché and taboos.

Launched just before the pandemic, Yspot started as a company selling vibrators and rose to popularity for its successful combination of quality and design-savvy products, educational contents and sophisticated communication. This trifecta casted a refreshing and more spontaneous light on a product category that was often caged in third-party’s judgment and labeled under porn and perversion rather than seen as instrumental for intimate health and self-love, with the stigma especially hitting female consumers.

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In launching the brand, cofounders Aurelie Bellavigna and Daniele Brega wanted to fix the mismatch between the market’s existing offering and the evolved needs, taste and values of new generations. Also thanks to their double point of view — taking into account both women’s and men’s demands — and their former experiences in fashion at Yoox Group and Valentino, respectively, the founders developed not only a solid range of products but also a precise tone of voice resonating with the Millennial and Gen Z audience.

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Neither academic nor too ironic, the brand’s language offers a simple and clear educational approach as well as polished visuals dignifying pleasure and encouraging self-acceptance with the ultimate goal of raising awareness around sexual health and promoting its gestures as spontaneous as much as other daily rituals in consumers’ life.

Yspot's cofounders Aurelie Bellavigna and Daniele Brega.
Yspot’s cofounders Aurelie Bellavigna and Daniele Brega. Courtesy of Yspot

“The launch of intimate skin care represents a fundamental step in the development of Yspot and in inscribing sexual well-being in the perimeter of [overall] well-being,” Bellavigna said about the launch of Nourish.

Retailing at 25 euros and containing a blend of hemp seed oil, almond oil and jojoba oil as well as calendula extract and aloe vera, the moisturizer also claims to prevent and relieve irritation that may result from hair removal, chafing or any other kind of skin issues.

The product will kickoff a series of launches that will further expand Yspot’s scope, as Brega highlighted that the company intends “to change the way we talk about intimate hygiene, without the usual talk about freshness and smells that create discomfort and shame.”

To this end, the brand will introduce two intimate cleansing products named Care and Restore. The former, a plant-based soap, will launch at the end of February both online and at the temporary store Yspot is to open in Milan in partnership with Chitè Milano, another trending local indie brand that specializes in customizable lingerie. Running Feb. 7 to March 6, the store is set to mark a strategic move for both companies in the lead to Valentine’s Day.

In its journey of complementing pleasure with health, Yspot has also recently launched a line of supplements. Priced between 22 euros and 24 euros, the range includes the Balance food supplement addressing bacterial flora regulation to support vaginal health and the two Protect alternatives aimed at preventing and relieving urinary tract infections or supporting the treatment of candida infections.

Yspot's Balance supplement.
Yspot’s Balance supplement. Courtesy of Yspot