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Ashley Tisdale Dances and Does Downward Dogs for Procter & Gamble’s Duo

The actress and singer took part in an event Thursday morning for the company's shower innovation Duo with the dance movement Daybreaker.

Ashley Tisdale had a packed Thursday morning. She did yoga, danced and, presumably, showered with Duo, the new two-sided cleansing body buffer from Procter & Gamble, all before most Angelenos arrived at work.

“It was like a crazy rave,” exclaimed the “High School Musical” star shortly after the P&G brands Olay, Old Spice and Ivory threw a dance party with a.m. merriment maker Daybreaker at the Los Angeles shopping center Hollywood & Highland. “Everybody looked like they were having the best time. The music was so good, how could you not dance? I was getting very into it.”

Tisdale is also getting pretty into beauty and personal-care products. Whether it’s partnering with P&G to promote Duo, creating her own makeup line with BH Cosmetics called Illuminate or doling out tips on her recently relaunched YouTube channel, the actress and singer is an all-around beauty guru.

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What is Tisdale’s best skin-care advice? Drink tons of water, of course. And don’t skimp on face washing. “I am really adamant about washing my skin,” she said. “I wash my face in the morning. I wash my face at night. I don’t sleep in my makeup. The more you can make sure you are taking off everything from the day, the better your skin will be.”

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With an assist from Duo, which has a smoother on one end and an exfoliator on the other, Tisdale is an exfoliation convert. “I know dermatologists always tell you it’s so good to exfoliate, but, if something is not accessible and easy, I forget to do that stuff. So, this is perfect,” she said, adding, “I spray tan a lot for photo shoots and events, so you have to exfoliate for that, so it’s great to prep my skin with.”

P&G has high hopes consumers will find Duo just as accessible and easy. The company’s research discovered 34 percent of men and 44 percent of women use bar soap as well as body wash while cleansing themselves in the shower, a process that could be streamlined with a multifunctional product like Duo. Duo started rolling out nationwide to retailers, including Target and CVS, last month at the price of $9.99 for 30 washes.

“There was a void in the market for something that provides the clean of a bar soap and the care of body wash. That’s what led to the innovation behind Duo,” said Lindsey Morahan, a spokeswoman for P&G’s North American personal-care and skin-care business, declaring, “Since the launch of body wash about 20 years ago, we haven’t seen really any meaningful innovation in the personal cleansing category.”

In an unusual move for P&G, Duo has been adopted by three brands — Olay, Old Spice and Ivory — in a total of four scents: Swagger, Pure Sport, Soothing Orchid & Black Currant and Refreshing Clean. “We knew it could appeal to male and female consumers, so it made sense to launch it to both men and women the same time,” reasoned Morahan.

Breaking down the demographics for Duo by age, Morahan pointed to Millennials as a key audience. She explained Millennials tend to be “a little more experiential and are looking for everything in one, especially those really into beauty and grooming because it does offer deeper exfoliation than a body wash and puff.” Fittingly, they’re likely to be Tisdale fans. Said Morahan, “Our target consumer is consuming a lot of digital media, so with the relaunch of Ashley’s YouTube channel, we thought they’d be excited to learn about something like Duo from her, an expert in the space.”