Coastal Salt & Soul

Coastal Salt & Soul is passing on sunny Southern California vibes to consumers nationwide via QVC.

The Manhattan Beach, Calif.-based body-care and scent brand made its debut Saturday on the Millennial-oriented channel Beauty iQ and will branch out to QVC appearances starting in January. The home-shopping television premiere follows Coastal Salt & Soul’s year-and-a-half march into 350 spa and retail doors.

“People in Southern California are good at taking care of themselves, and I want to bring that lifestyle that I love so much to women. Women are completely stressed out and, while they are taking care of their faces, they have to take care of their body as well. Body is the new face,” said Alisa Marie Beyer, founder and chief product officer at Coastal Salt & Soul. “First of all, your body really matters for your soul and, second of all, faces are looking 10 years younger than bodies.”

Coastal Salt & Soul’s assortment spans eight products priced from $10 to $38 teeming with sea ingredients in three scents: Ocean Gardenia, Blushing Peony and Mediterranean Citrus. On, the brand’s selection features five items, including the $46.58 Body Love Set, and it generated almost $40,000 in revenues in its first month on the web site in October, according to Beyer. Blissful Body Butter is Coastal Salt & Soul’s best-selling product, and Ocean Gardenia is its number-one scent.

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As opposed to body butters that are the consistency of whipped cream, Coastal Salt & Soul’s body butter is extremely dense, and Beyer demonstrates that by showing nothing oozes out when it’s turned upside-down. “Ours was created to be professional grade for spas, and it’s very, very hydrating with no grease left over. You can think of a massage therapist massaging your entire body with it, and you feel so smooth and deeply moisturized, but it’s not on your clothes,” she said. Massage therapists could indeed be using the brand’s body butter soon as it is introducing a back-bar program for spas.

Before she launched Coastal Salt & Soul, Beyer sorted through the ins and outs of the beauty industry for other brands at the helm of the strategy firm The Beauty Company and its consumer research division The Benchmarking Company, which was spun off in 2014. From her experience working with brands, she learned the gritty behind-the-scenes stuff of building a business like warehousing and installing technology systems had to be perfected prior to ballooning distribution. So, she began rolling out Coastal Salt & Soul carefully to boutiques to test the waters and tighten up the infrastructure prior to targeting big spa players and QVC. The brand has entered Four Seasons, Montage and St. Regis properties.

A year after hitting the market in June 2015, Coastal Salt & Soul registered $500,000 in revenues, and Beyer anticipates the brand will reach $2 million in 2017. Early on at QVC, she said the Coastal Salt & Soul’s return rate is less than 2 percent, and it’s under that in its retail and spa accounts. On the brand’s web site, customers typically order two stockkeeping units and spend $69. Often, they’ll buy multiple products from a single scent rather than pick up the same products in different scents.

Coastal Salt & Soul has a lot up its sleeve for next year. The brand is planning to close a series B round of funding. To date, Beyer, and her brother Fred Fogelman and sister-in-law Teresa Shultz Fogelman have backed the brand by investing $1.5 million and $450,000, respectively. Coastal Salt & Soul will also grow its product portfolio by releasing a Blue Watermint scent and fragrances in rollerball formats. Beyer explained, “I’m really dedicated to all natural perfumes with no alcohol. I think women are saying, ‘I don’t want to spray alcohol all over me. Why should I do that?’”