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Completely Bare Re-brands

“We want to make hair removal something women look forward to,” said chief executive officer Justin Joffe.

There is no beauty treatment more dreaded than hair removal. Whether done by wax, thread, or laser, women see the service as a necessity rather than a treat. Completely Bare, the New York-based hair removal studio, is setting out to change that perception. On  Friday, Dec. 5, the company is re-branding and renaming — Spruce & Bond is its new moniker — all with one goal in mind. “We want to make hair removal something women look forward to,” said chief executive officer Justin Joffe.

The brand shake-up has been almost a year in the making and comes at the same time as a major cash infusion from an investor. “We took a round of growth equity financing to build out a national scale brand,” said Joffe. “In order to do that, we took a really hard look at our brand and business strategy.”  The company is evolving to a lifestyle brand that Joffe says is similar in concept to brands like SoulCycle, Drybar and Warby Parker. Spruce & Bond plans to create social media content covering topics like beauty, fitness and wellness — a blog may also be in its future. A new advertising campaign featuring models in street style-esque moments is designed to drive the lifestyle point home. “This is the first time we’ve used models and lifestyle photography,” says chief marketing officer Sarah Bennett.

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Spruce & Bond’s treatment menu will be simplified to waxing, laser and brow shaping with straightforward pricing. “There is a lot of haggling and discounting [in laser treatment pricing]. We want to be transparent. We’re not the cheapest provider out there, but we provide great value. It’s attainable luxury,” said Joffe. Five laser treatment sessions range from $750 for small areas to $1,500 for bikini. Waxing starts at $25 for a single small-area hair removal and goes up to $250 for a five-pack of bikini sessions. “We don’t intend to do spray tans, massages, mani-pedis,” said Joffe. “We want to own this lane and be the best at laser hair removal, waxing and brow shaping.” Spruce & Bond has focused its already highly trained staff on improving hospitality engagement.

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 “In August, we had an off-site with the team where we worked on how to make clients feel comfortable,” said Bennett. “How do you greet clients and make their days easier? We have to go above and beyond.” Staff profiles will feature prominently on Spruce & Bond’s website, another nod to the company’s pursuit of lifestyle branding. “We want to build the brand on the personalities of our people. Rather than having a clinical experience when our clients come in, we want to develop a relationship with them,” said Joffe.

Though Spruce & Bond will keep the Completely Bare signature purple, most other aspects of the space are being revamped to channel the “warmth of a friend’s apartment,” albeit a very cool friend’s apartment. The Flatiron location’s waiting area has a patent-finish tufted couch and wall art with a downtown edge. To ease the clinical feel of its treatment rooms, clients are initially greeted with warm purple overhead light. Beds will lose the crunchy doctor’s office paper liners, which will be replaced by liners with a soft fabric feel. “When clients come in they want something to look at. One wall in the room will be a focal point,” said Bennett. “We’re working with design firm [Hinterland] to develop what’s going to be on the walls, but it will be some combination of design and phrases. We’re considering installations from art students.”

With three locations in New York City and one in Scarsdale, Spruce & Bond has its eyes on expansion. “There’s a lot more density in Manhattan so the plan is to build out four to five locations in the next 12 to 15 months,” said Joffe. After that the company will focus on east coast expansion — Boston and Washington, D.C., are on the list — before expanding west to Chicago, Los Angeles and San Francisco over the next few years. Spruce & Bond is on target to spend between $2 and $3 million on the relaunch, marketing, and opening four to five new locations in the next year, said Joffe. To expand to other markets and continue Spruce & Bond’s evolution into a lifestyle brand, the company will invest another  $15 to $20 million over the next five years. “We set out with a vision of where we want to be in five years. We looked at every aspect of how the consumer interacts with us,” said Bennett. “There was no silver bullet — a quick fix. This re-branding is about fine-tuning every single detail.”