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PARIS — Coty-owned Lancaster is hoping to bring sun protection into a new era with its latest innovation.

The brand, which bills itself as number one in sun care in the prestige segment in Europe, has developed a new technology that it says protects skin against infrared radiation.

“New research from the past few years highlights that infrared radiation is damaging to the organism,” Lancaster vice president of research and development Olivier Doucet said. He added that the beauty industry had yet to address the issue to any extent, focusing on UVA and UVB protection.

He explained that infrared radiation, by increasing skin temperature, affects enzyme behavior within the skin, thereby impacting its function and generating free radicals, harming collagen and elastin production and damaging DNA.

“No molecule exists that absorbs infrared radiation,” he said.

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The group therefore began tests combining various ingredients including reflective minerals that bounce infrared radiation back off the skin.

It uses a combination of ruby powder, titanium dioxide and pearlized pigment to do so, combined with an antioxidant complex to neutralize free radicals.

In tests, the brand found that its new technology protected skin against free radicals 60 percent better than products from competitors, it said.

The new technology, which is in the process of being patented, has been integrated into the brand’s generic sun care offer, renamed Sun Beauty for the occasion.

The 17-stockkeeping-unit line will hit stores throughout Europe, beginning in March.

The regenerated offer includes three new products — SPF 50 facial cream, SPF 30 alcohol-free tanning oil and Bronzing Beauty moisturizing emulsion with pigments, available in three shades.

Retail prices for the new products in the line range from 28 to 30 euros, or $36.65 to $39.27 at current exchange.

Lancaster vice president of international marketing Sophie Martin-Teillard said that, in 2013, the brand will integrate the new technology into its Sun Sport, Sun Age Control and Sun Men lines.

Lancaster sun care does some 90 percent of its business in Europe, according to Martin-Teillard. The remainder stems from the Middle East and South America.

“We are currently registering the products for a launch in China, probably in 2013,” she said.

With Sun Beauty’s tag line “Dare to Tan,” Lancaster hopes to reconcile consumers with the idea that while it is essential to protect the skin, we ultimately all feel healthier and more beautiful with a golden glow. The new tag line appears in a print campaign to feature in June and July magazine issues.

The launch will also be accompanied by an online campaign in France, Spain and Italy in partnership with Web magazine in which women share their thoughts about the sun and sun care.

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