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Direct Seller Monat Launches Wellness Line

The five-piece range launches one year after the brand’s extremely successful skin-care launch.

Direct-selling business Monat is branching into wellness. 

The brand has launched a five-piece wellness line, which follows the company’s expansion into skin care last year. 

President Stuart MacMillan said the move is the brand’s next step toward becoming a comprehensive health and wellness operation.

“We believe this really encompasses who we are,” said MacMillan. “We want to be known as a health and wellness company that’s focused on personal development and just being the best version of you, no matter what age you are.”

Monat’s wellness products launch during a period where consumers are increasingly focused on health due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

“COVID[-19] has really exposed society’s health and everybody has taken a step back and realized, which should have been obvious, the healthier you are the less risk you have,” said Brent Agin, a doctor and member of Monat’s scientific board. 

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The wellness line is made up of five products: Monat Energy, an all-natural drink that aims to provide a boost for the body and mind; Monat Balance, a prebiotic and probiotic supplement mix; Collagen Key, a vegan collagen powder meant to strengthen hair, skin and nails; Sleep Drops, a liquid mixture meant to promote sleep, and Total Greens, a greens and superfood drink mix. The products range from $59 to $69. 

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The full range is meant to promote overall health and wellness, Agin said. MacMillan noted the business will continue doing research and expand the line over the next few years. 

Monat expects the wellness range to account for 10 to 15 percent of the company’s overall revenue in the first year, the company said. Monat Wellness launched Sept. 12 at the brand’s digital conference Monations Impact Week 2020, and will be available on and through the brand’s 350,000 market partners. 

Monat, which has long relied on the peer-to-peer selling model, has refined its business to operate during the COVID-19 pandemic, and plans to rely more on digital tools — like virtual expos and training via gamification — going forward.  

The business originally launched as a direct-selling hair-care operation, but found significant success when it branched into skin care. The skin line did $4 million in sales on the first day, and $150 million for the first year, the company said.

Monat’s parent company, Alcora Corporation, was ranked number 65 in Beauty Inc’s Top 100 list of the world’s largest beauty manufacturers in 2019 with $387.8 million in beauty sales.