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Phlur Enters Personal-Care Category

The two-year-old clean fragrance brand is unveiling its first body-care products today.

Phlur is expanding its clean fragrance philosophy to personal care.

The two-year-old fragrance brand, which started as direct-to-consumer and now has retail partnerships with Sephora and Credo Beauty, is unveiling its first body-care products today made with its best-selling scent, Hanami.

“In the market, there is a lot in body care with brands making nice products from a clean perspective that aren’t focused on scent and on the flip side there are scent-forward products that aren’t typically created in a clean fashion,” said Eric Korman, cofounder and chief executive officer. “We want to put both of those angles into every product we bring into market.”

Phlur launched in 2016 with a collection of six fragrances that are formulated with sustainably sourced botanical ingredients and packaged in eco-friendly bottles. The brand has since introduced two new scents and introduced a home collection with candles. This past March, Phlur closed its Series A round of funding with $6 million, led by Symrise. According to Korman, Phlur has experienced 200 percent growth in 2018.

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The brand decided to introduce personal-care products after seeing repeated requests from its customer base for more products with the Hamani scent, which is a blend of white florals and fig. Committed to using clean ingredients, the Hanami Body Wash and Body Lotion are formulated with plant-based ingredients, like aloe vera, camellia oil, rosehip oil and hibiscus. The body wash and lotion are priced at $18 and $28, respectively.

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“We want to create families led by scent so customers can continue to engage with us,” he continued. “We really believe in this idea of bringing clean fragrance into the market that celebrates the joy of fragrance, but doing so without having to compromise choices.”

Phlur is one of a number of direct-to-consumer fragrance brands such as Pinrose, Skylar and Kierin NYC. While Korman still considers the brand primarily direct-to-consumer, Phlur has entered retail partnerships this year with Credo Beauty and with Sephora. The brand was part of the launch of Sephora’s “Clean at Sephora” campaign with two doors in June and is now available in roughly 100 doors.

“In the next five years, we expect to continue being a direct-to-consumer business, but like many other brands we don’t only believe in digital to engage with consumers,” Korman said. “We all live a combination of digital and analogue lives, so we will use multiple platforms to reach a wide-ranging audience.”

Going forward, Phlur has plans to introduce two new scents next year and to continue expanding its body-care collection with its existing fragrances.