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PZ Cussons Beauty Launches Range Targeted at Generation Z

Being by Sanctuary Spa is a 9-piece range with five fragrances.

LONDON — PZ Cussons Beauty, the company behind St. Tropez, Sanctuary Spa and Charles Worthington hair products, has developed a new beauty range called Being by Sanctuary Spa, which targets Generation Z. The range launches on June 5 with Boots as the retail partner.

“We felt there was just a huge gap of awe-inspiring products for this generation,” said Jacqueline Burchell, global marketing and product development director for PZ Cussons Beauty. “When we walked around the stores, there wasn’t anything that was inspiring. We wanted to create something that could raise that eyebrow, but that’s a bit fun.”

The company said those ages 18 to 25, makes up a quarter of the U.K. population and said the group is a key demographic for the brand. According to market research conducted by the company, Generation Z is a “new consumer who places more importance on happiness delivered through enriching experiences.”

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In their findings, PZ Cussons Beauty discovered that the smart, sophisticated demographic loves body care — and uses it daily. The company has enlisted the aid of Chloe Combi, a Generation Z, author, consultant and adviser to help with brand development.

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“This young consumer is still figuring out who she is,” said Combi. “She uses beauty as her playground for self-expression and she’s loving every minute (if not hour) of it. It is true that as a generation, they are more invested in beauty because of the way they live their lives on screen and on social media. While there are concerns over this revolution in what I call ‘beauty socializing,’ it’s important to understand that beauty is this generation’s form of getting to know each other, bonding and empowerment.”

Burchell noted that in the first year, the new range will account for 20 percent of U.K. sales. “I feel that this will be one of our biggest global brands,” said Burchell. “We’ve got high hopes and first-year growth and second-year growth should double in size. We will also be launching in the U.S. this October.”

Burchell said Being is unlike any of the other launches that the brand has done. “It has specifically been designed from scratch to focus on the younger consumer,” said Burchell. “Sanctuary is much more of a older consumer, 35 to 40. However, brands like St. Tropez have a really key following from this age range. We have Fudge Urban range, which is men’s styling range. There are lots of products that appeal to younger generations. I think it has a completely different role, a completely different vibe. But, still it’s what we truly understand because it’s body care and bathing.

As for the brand’s Generation Z clientele, Burchell noted the segment is “a lot more complex than what we think.”

“It’s so easy to think of this generation as quite a selfie generation that is very engrossed in themselves and need affirmations over the time,” said Burchell. “They are an incredibly caring generation. In fact, they are also very smart. They truly know what’s going around them. They take action, and they really care about their families. So I would say we must not underestimate them. They have view point and I love that. I feel happy that they are going to be leading in the future because they do have a really broad perspective.”

Being by Sanctuary Spa is a nine-piece range with five fragrances with names such as Salted Caramel & Macadamia, Chilli Mango & Tonka Bean, Cloudberry & Lychee Blossom, Water Lotus and Pomelo and Hibiscus and Coconut Water.

The collection features bubble bath, body wash, lotion, scrub, butter, mist, hand cream, a bath bomb and a wash bag. Prices range from 4 pounds, or $5.15, for a bath bomb to 10 pounds, or $12, for the body butter and wash bag. It will be sold across 443 Boots stores and at Ulta in the U.S. in October.

The package design was created by Sibling & Co., with each fragrance featuring a unique design with a “cheeky appeal” that is colorful and Instagrammable, including faces designed with different types of fruits as eyes.

Meanwhile, the campaign visuals were photographed by David Oldham and art-directed by James Cameron, who focused on a “bold and brave concept.” The models were meant to reflect “authentic beauty” and included women with an androgynous look, others who are bald, trans, mixed race or with fuller figures.

The digital campaign will kick off next month, with social media set to play a key role in the growth of the brand’s identity. In addition, Vlogger Grace Victory has been tapped as a digital influencer for the brand. The beauty vlogger will attend “Meet Ups” at Boots stores.