LONDON — Soap & Glory’s latest body care product claims to help people shape up while sitting down.

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Sit Tight, a slimming cream, contains Pressocapsular-Firm-System, a molecule containing caffeine that’s billed to have firming and draining actions. The friction and heat generated by the act of sitting increases the movement of the product to the lower parts of the body, where fatty tissue buildup is common.

The launch comes on the heels of news that the company’s U.S. distribution is about to be tweaked, most notably moved out of Target, where it has been sold exclusively in the U.S. since 2007. The British brand is apparently looking to open other retail channels starting in October.

A statement from Soap & Glory confirmed the split.

“The experience has been a success for both of us, as it allowed Target to further differentiate its beauty assortment and offered Soap & Glory access and exposure to an American consumer base,” the statement said. “Beginning in October 2010, Soap & Glory will be moving its distribution to focus on other retail channels and their customers. As the Soap & Glory brand moves onto new opportunities in the U.S., the product will no longer be available at Target stores and The current product collection will be available in limited quantities in stores and online until September.”

Marcia Kilgore, who launched Soap & Glory in 2006, said she had such a product in mind years ago, but couldn’t make it work technologically at the time.

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“I think any woman that sits at her desk most of the day feels the relationship between lack of activity — bum on seat — and getting bigger around the backside,” she said. “After a lot of research and some customization, I found a complex that did exactly what we wanted it to do. And now, when women sit down to do work, they don’t have to feel like they’re getting the proverbial ‘secretary spread,’ [or] executive spread, for those stuck on semantics.

“It’s for the desk jockey who sits all day worrying about her bum getting bigger,” Kilgore continued. “A lot of my products are inspired by my own lifestyle challenges.”

Sit Tight also contains Detoxyboost, which is said to increase blood circulation, and Puffdrain-82, billed to work on fluid buildup, plus eucalyptus, rosemary, ylang-ylang, blood orange, amyris, petitgrain, geranium, palmarosa, rose, sandalwood, lemongrass and lime oils.

Sit Tight, which bowed in Boots stores and Harvey Nichols in the U.K. this month, is priced at 14 pounds, or $20.40 at current exchange, per 200-ml. tube. It will hit markets including North America, the Middle East, Germany, Thailand and the Netherlands starting next year.

Industry sources estimate the product will generate first-year sales upward of $1 million.

The launch follows a bumper year for Soap & Glory, which recorded a 75 percent sales increase in the U.K., according to Kilgore.

“The U.S. is tracking slightly behind that, but we do have some aggressive plans to expand in North America and Europe this year and some optimistic plans for a few other choice markets,” she said.

While Kilgore declined to discuss figures, industry sources estimate Soap & Glory generates annual retail sales of $65 million. The brand, which boasts a tongue-in-cheek approach to beauty with items including a lip plumper dubbed Sexy Mother Pucker and a detox mask called No Clogs Allowed, also could expand its distribution and product portfolio in the future, according to Kilgore.

“We’ve been asked by many of our distribution partners to move into more cosmetics-type items, so we’re looking at that,” she said. “We’re building more accessories, which have been incredibly successful for us. We’ve been growing our skin care offering because that’s my key area of expertise, and our initial skin care launches have been incredibly successful.”

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