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EXCLUSIVE: Toni Braxton Releases Vegan Body Care Line at Ulta Beauty

"Nude Sugar” is out today.

Grammy Award winner Toni Braxton has launched a vegan body care line exclusively with Ulta Beauty, “Nude Sugar,” out today in stores and online.

The 53-year-old singer, who has sold 67 million records worldwide, introduces nine proprietary products that include two body creams at $45 each, “The Creém” and the “Luminous Splendor” (made with 6 percent glycolic acid and aimed at improving discoloration), as well as a $35 body serum, $18 shower gel and $18 hair mist.

“I’ve been trying to find something, particularly for my skin, women of color,” said Braxton, adding that the project has been two years in the making.

Sugar Nude
The Sugar Nude line includes “The Creém,” priced at $45. Courtesy

It hasn’t been easy “just finding that right potion or the right lotion or the right cream for your skin to make it luminous and supple. That can make it plump, makes it feel good,” she continued.

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“Nude Sugar” has improved her skin, and she hopes to offer the same to consumers, providing them with “that glow.”

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“My skin as an African American tends to be a little drier,” she said. “Since I’m getting up there, just going outside in the sun, and all the years of the things that I’ve done to my body being in the entertainment business, for me, it was having hyperpigmentation or sometimes you get light spots.”

Key ingredients include sugarcane squalane oil for hydration, to soothe redness and with anti-inflammatory benefits, as well as plump seed oil, to brighten and unify texture and tone. Packaging uses sugarcane derived and postconsumer recycled materials.

“I wanted to do something that represented me,” said Braxton. “I wanted something that I knew really worked.”

It’s also a way to offer self care for those home during the pandemic, she went on.

“For so long we had the luxury of going to spas and going places and have people take care of us,” she said. “Everyone’s at home now. We have to be in safety, keep our body safe, so you can’t do the luxurious things that you used to do.…This is a great way to start home care. I’m hoping that the world would go back [to some form of normalcy], but in the meantime, home care is so important now.”