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Toothpaste’s Now the Latest Tool in the Makeup Bag

Add new wellness toothpastes to the beauty-from-within movement.

Could a toothpaste be the latest ammunition in America’s quest for beauty and wellness?

Consumers are chasing a healthier appearance through vitamins, cosmeceuticals and LED lights. Now many experts believe good oral care is the next component in a beauty regimen. Retailers are adding oral care, such as whitening strips, to cosmetics departments. Dentists also report an uptick in dental cosmetic procedures.

“Good health is good appearance. If you are healthier you are more attractive,” explained Lawrence Hier, an orthodontist. He formulated a toothpaste, called Plaque HD, which he believes is at the forefront of a beauty revolution in oral care. Plaque HD helps users see and remove plaque. “The mouth is the gateway to the rest of the body. Plaque reduction is an extension of health and beauty.”

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Plaque HD contains a plant-based and gluten-free ingredient that sticks to the plaque left on teeth that can’t be seen. The greenish tint helps direct users to where they need extra effort.

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Recent research supports his wellness claim. For years, research has suggested a link between oral health and inflammatory diseases affecting the entire body, especially heart attacks and strokes.

Now the results of a randomized trial revealed that Plaque HD significantly reduced dental plaque in the mouth and inflammation throughout the body. The results were presented in the October 19th issue of the American Journal of Medicine.

Inflammation throughout the body is accurately measured by high sensitivity C-reactive protein, a sensitive marker for cardiovascular disease. That, too, was diminished in the group using Plaque HD.

There is a professional version sold in dentist offices and online priced at $21 and a consumer version with less concentrated dye, priced at $16.95. A children’s flavor, called Bubble Berry Gum, is also available. In addition to online and professional offices, Hier is gearing up for a retail rollout.

The green tint left on teeth is a great visual for social media, and Plaque HD, borrowing from the beauty industry, uses Instagram to show before and after shots, while also posting beauty tips as using blue-based red lipstick to make teeth look whiter.

“Oral health and beauty really do go together,” added Hier.