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3ina Cosmetics Launches Innovative Makeup Concept

3ina, pronounced Mina, offers a different approach to beauty producing products with a quick turnaround.

LONDON — Pablo Rivera and Mark Eve have launched 3ina, an innovative makeup concept, in London.

3ina, pronounced Mina, offers a different approach to beauty-producing products with a quick turnaround, making it easily accessible to consumers.

The concept took two years to develop and was formulated by Rivera and Eve, when they noticed a trend in consumers wanting “an experience away from traditional retail formats.” While new lines designed by cosmetic giants can take up to three years to produce, the company runs on a business model which allows them to place new products on the market in four months.

The brand has dubbed their positioning as a “masstige” market, in between mass market and prestige.

“Having such a quick turnaround allows us to pick up on trends at their peak and create products that we know will be loved by our customers,” Eve said. “It’s really smarter that’s delivering on faster — when you take a step back and build a business from the ground up, you have an amazing opportunity to challenge every moving part to optimize, refine and reduce complexity while increasing the quality of the ultimate product at every level.”

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Rivera and Eve met while working at New Look Retail, where they spearheaded the launch of the brand into 27 new territories and delivering a turnover in excess of 300 million pounds, or $444.7 million at current exchange rates.

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They launched Global Retail Partners, a U.K.-based privately held global investment and retail consulting firm, in 2012. It provides consulting, expansion and private equity services to blue-chip brands.

Rivera and Eve have enlisted Helen McGee, formerly of Net-a-porter, as head of marketing; César Perez Luna, formerly at Sephora, as head of business development, and Cristina Cobo, of Kiki Cosmetics, will lead product development. Apple’s Toni Minguet heads up technology.

The company has tapped the MarioTestino+ agency as creative consultant to oversee brand identity, trends and vision.

“3ina is launching at a perfect time,” Eve said. “Both in the U.K. and globally, there is a clear demand for unique, high quality products that are honestly priced and that empower rather than dictate.”

While the company could not disclose financial details, a spokeswoman stated “several large retail families are strategically placed” to execute their global rollout plan.

The brand will launch its first flagship in London on Feb. 25. Nestled on James Street, the 1,000-square foot store will launch with more than 450 products in six categories: eyes, lips, face, skin care, nails and tools.

Highlights include the 3ina Pen Eyeliner with up to 12-hour wear, 3ina Longwear Lipstick, 3ina Matte & Smooth Primer, 3ina Eyes & Lips Make Up Remover and a collection of nail polishes.

The price range is 2.95 pounds, or $4.24, for the Essential Eye Pencil to 18.95 pounds, or $27.30, for a Nude Foundation.

E-commerce is also in the cards, with the brand expected to launch the service this summer.