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A Virtual Makeover Solution for Beauty Professional Artists

NYX Professional Makeup will be one of the first brands featured on the app.

Now makeup artists can get in on the beauty app action, too.

Perfect 365 is building upon its consumer app, which currently has more than 100 million users, with an option created specifically for the needs of makeup artists.

Called Perfect 365 Pro, the new platform will allow makeup artists, both in stores at beauty counters and online, to communicate with clients on a virtual platform. Brand and freelance makeup artists can design their own makeup looks virtually, send an image to a client and communicate with the client through in-app chat.

There’s a benefit for consumers, too. Users of Perfect 365 can scroll through profiles of makeup artists from Perfect 365’s Explorer community within the app, find a makeup artist they like and request an appointment through the app. Brand makeup artists and freelancers can suggest new makeup to clients and show them how it will appear on them without applying it to their face.

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“It was created specifically for the needs between makeup artists and clients,” explained Vickie Wei, director of marketing for Perfect 365 of the app which resulted from focus groups with professionals.

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NYX Professional Makeup is one of the first brands featured on the app. That partnership kicked off with a live mirror demonstration and an exclusive master class on June 26 with celebrity makeup artist Kabuki in the NYX Professional Makeup Manhattan flagship store located at 41 Union Square.

“Now, with the face-detection technology in Perfect 365 Pro, I can experiment and play with makeup looks on my client prior to applying it for a photo shoot and I can give them a realistic idea of what it will look like,” Kabuki said.

Virtual try-on is gathering steam with a recent survey conducted by Poshly (in coordination with Bay Area Beauty Association and Perfect 365) revealing 78 percent of women aged 18 to 35 would be more inclined to purchase makeup from a brand if they would see what it looks like, virtually, before purchasing.

While there are brand apps for consumer experimentation, there is currently no easy way for makeup artists to communicate how a look will translate, explained Alexis Blackmon, professional makeup artist and Perfect 365 Pro artist. “For customers visiting a makeup counter or contacting a makeup artist through on-demand beauty service providers, getting their makeup done can be like ordering clothes online and hoping they fit. They might provide a reference photo of Kim Kardashian, but everyone’s face is different, so there no way to predict what it will look like.”

Further Poshly research suggests there is abundant potential for use with makeup artists. A survey said 81 percent of makeup artists would like to be able to offer clients a preview before applying. In addition, 85 percent of makeup artists would want to offer their clients a preview of a makeup look on their photo or by having them look through a live camera.

Beyond the opportunity to show before applying, the app offers makeup artists a way to create looks and organize client files in one location — something the company’s research showed was lacking.

Similar to the Perfect 365 digital beauty platform, Perfect 365 Pro also works directly with brands to digitize looks in the app. Perfect 365 Pro can digitize any complete looks for brand makeup artists to re-create and make minor adjustments or include individual products for them to create custom looks for a client. For beauty brands, artists can choose from current brand products including lipsticks, eye makeup, foundation, eyelashes, eyeliner and blush. Once the look is completed, the artist can send a photo to the client that will appear like a text message on the client’s phone screen. The client receives the look and responds using the chat feature in the app. Also, clients can try on the makeup creation using Perfect 365’s live mirror feature.

“We are building on the success of Perfect 365 by introducing a platform that both consumers and makeup artists can benefit from. Perfect 365 users can experiment with makeup looks, find makeup artists in their area and get a clear idea of what the makeup artists look will look like on their individual face prior to the makeup application, setting the right expectation,” Wei said.

Makeup Artists Now Have a Virtual Makeover App to Share Their Looks
Armani mirror at Nordstrom.

Perfect 365 recently held an event at Nordstrom where shoppers experienced augmented reality makeovers using Giorgio Armani Beauty products at the Nordstrom at Valley Fair in San Jose, Calif. Valley Fair Nordstrom customers sampled Giorgio Armani Beauty looks using Perfect 365’s Live Mirror. From there they could choose a look they liked and then have the look brought to life on their face in real-life by Giorgio Armani Beauty Face Designers and then have the opportunity to purchase the products.