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Amazing Cosmetics to Launch on QVC

The concealer-focused brand is also launching new Illuminate primers for spring.

The concept of concealer wardrobe-ing will soon be making its way to the QVC airwaves.

Amazing Cosmetics is relaunching on the network, both on QVC and on the Millennial-focused Beauty IQ channel, in late January, according to the brand’s founder, Lisa Thurman. Amazing is also sold in Sephora and Ulta Beauty stores.

“The concealer wardrobe-ing story is reinventing the way women think about and use concealer as a base to their makeup,” said Sandy Incardona, vice president of sales for Amazing Cosmetics. “It’s really something very innovative and new….This is a way you can apply foundation without anybody knowing you have it on.”

“QVC loved that whole premise,” Thurman said. “Because we do have several concealers and complementary flanking products, it’s about building and layering, not just swapping out one concealer for another.”

“When we presented this to the vice president of beauty she kind of stopped us in our tracks and said, ‘hold on a minute here, we know this is something our audience can sink their teeth into,’” Incardona said. “[Consumers] want the ability and know-how to learn how to apply products their way. You can create your own system using different products for different tasks. I think that was huge, it speaks to what has really resonated well with their customer base.”

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Amazing Cosmetics’ personalized take on concealer use is also the star of its social channels. The business launched a campaign in June called #NoSkinToneLeftBehind that aims to celebrate people of all skin shades. Amazing Cosmetics has been reposting some of the thousand-plus tagged posts to its Instagram account, which has almost 100,000 followers.

The first products to launch on QVC will be what Thurman and Incardona call the “concealer start-up kit” — the Amazing Concealer and Perfection Stick, with the goal of showing how different iterations of the company’s concealer can deliver results, Incardona said. “It’s really by this ‘I woke up like this’ results with just concealer, how you’re layering it on in certain areas,” Incardona said.

Amazing Cosmetics Illuminate primer in Bronze.
Amazing Cosmetics Illuminate primer in Bronze.

After the initial launch Amazing Cosmetics has plans to roll out further concealer products, and maybe at some point its next launch — the Illuminate Primer, which comes out in three shades this spring. “We still talk about primers because they are a big part of setting up your face for flawless application of what comes next, which would be the concealer,” Incardona said. “We hope QVC will branch out and include the primer story.”

The QVC deal could boost the company’s sales by as much as 20 percent, according to industry sources. Sources estimated the brand has between $10 million and $15 million in sales.

Thurman founded the brand in 1999 with Sue Katz, a former Lancôme makeup artist, and has never taken any investment. She indicated it’s likely the company will take on a partner soon. “We really want to develop innovation with products, but also get onto our e-commerce business and re-brand a little bit,” she added.

“You see bigger brands next to the little guy all the time, and it’s really interesting to see how the little guy can still remain relevant,” Incardona said. “For us, concealer wasn’t just a flanker or an add-on product, for us, it was everything. When we really put our stake in the ground for skin perfecting-type products, I think the consumer became more aware of who we are.”