Ardency Inn aims to be a video star.

The edgy makeup brand is moving away from print advertisements and going digital with a YouTube channel called Ardency Inn TV.

“Our customers spend a lot of time online and watch tons of videos,” said Stephane Siboni, cofounder of Ardency Inn. “It’s more spontaneous and mobile than any other media, and social media sharing is sky-high. Ardency Inn TV will reach our core 18-to-34-year-old customer.”

On Feb. 9, the makeup brand premiered its new strategy to combine both makeup and music-based original content on its online entertainment network. The platform will consist of one-off videos and a weekly series that includes makeup from the street, product testing in real time, music showcases from female artists and express beauty tutorials for NYC girls who are short on time and money.

“The original idea was to offer the brand an environment where it can fully express itself, without worrying about fitting in the traditional prestige beauty mold,” said Gilles Kortzagadarian, cofounder of Ardency Inn. “Our vision is for Ardency Inn TV to become a destination for makeup and music fans all around the world, a place to discover the newest trends emerging from the streets of New York, a place to get inspired and, hopefully, entertained.” ​

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