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Becca Launches New Primer, Loose Powder, Glow Glossary

The brand’s latest marketing campaign aims to demystify the concept of glow.

Glow, defined.

That’s the idea behind Becca Cosmetics’ Glow Glossary campaign, which aligns new and existing products with natural light throughout the day in an effort to communicate with makeup wearers exactly what level of glow (essentially, the product finish) that a given item will give them. Noon, for example, aligns with Becca’s ultra-reflective Shimmering Skin Perfector.

The idea came about as consumer research showed customers sometimes lacked the terminology to communicate their desired, illumination-related look.

“A lot of women are confused about highlighting,” said Annie Bystryn, Becca’s vice president of marketing. “But when they see glow, they love it.”

“We really thought through and defined the quality of light at [different] times of day, and what that really meant for the consumer and her skin,” Bystryn said. “Between highlight products and hybrid products, the glow market is only going to grow.”

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Becca Cosmetics Soft Light Blurring Powder
Becca Cosmetics Soft Light Blurring Powder

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The Glow Glossary concept — which includes new products First Light Priming Filter, $38, and Soft Light Blurring Powder, $38 — is meant to help those less familiar with highlighting makeup techniques achieve their desired looks.

“There are YouTube stars that love highlight on fleek, and we love them, and we also know there’s a great opportunity with women who don’t even know what the word highlighter is,” Bystryn said. “Highlighters are a hot product category that many brands are launching, but the consumer need for education hasn’t been addressed, until now.”

The Glow Glossary starts at dawn with First Light Priming Filter, a purple-ish, shimmer-free primer that the brand says will fix bad face days — those mornings when people wake up with skin that’s just not at its best, according to Bystryn, who described it as the product for someone who wants to look like they woke up and went to yoga and then had a green juice but maybe didn’t. It marks Becca’s first significant foray into skin care — in addition to Cool Light Technology meant to scatter light over skin to brighten and even out imperfections, the formula contains mineral-rich spring water, prickly pear flower and sodium hyaluronate to hydrate skin.

“We felt there was a white space opportunity to go further and give women a real complexion refresh,” Bystryn said. “First Light Priming Filter is our strongest foray to date into those [skin-care/makeup] hybrids — we have a strong pipeline of exciting innovation to address those consumer needs.”

Next up in the Glow Glossary is sunrise, achieved with Shimmering Skin Perfector Liquid, followed by noon with Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed and Sunset, matched with Backlight Priming Filter.

Twilight — the next phase in the concept — is paired with Soft Light Blurring Powder, a new loose setting powder that aims to give users an in-real-life filter.

“Unlike other setting powders, it’s not about making the skin super matte,” Bystryn said. “Instead, it has a whisper of light so that the skin looks healthy, perfected and beautiful, but blurred.” The powder is launching with a new Soft Kabuki Brush, $30, meant for buffing and blending product into the skin.

The day, and glossary, end with Moonlight and Becca’s Shimmer Skin Perfector Crème, which has recently been serving as brand consumers’ entry-point to glow, Bystryn said. “We’ve noticed over the past year that this product has trended up,” she said. “We believe it’s a clear signal that as new consumers enter the glow market, they want a subtle version of highlight.”

This is the brand’s first major marketing push since being acquired by the Estée Lauder Cos. Inc. for a source-estimated $230 million in late 2016. For Lauder, the deal underscores a hard push into specialty retailers Sephora and Ulta Beauty, where Becca has a significant presence. For the brand, that change in ownership comes at a busy time for international expansion — Becca is slated to be in 30 international markets by mid-2017 after posting an estimated $80 million in retail sales for 2016.