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Bellacures to Open Nail Salons Nationwide

Disillusioned with the quality of nail salons, Samira Far decided to open her own concept promising cleanliness and style.

Disillusioned with the quality of nail salons, Samira Far decided to open her own concept called Bellacures promising cleanliness and style. Using a franchise model in the hopes of building a nationwide chain, Far now has a network of seven salons in California. The concept will soon venture to Texas, with a salon scheduled to open in Dallas in June and three additional locations to follow in the Dallas market.

Far, who founded Bellacures eight years ago, plans to expand the concept nationwide with 20 new units over the next 18 months in Texas, Northern California, Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Illinois and New Mexico. Her goal is to have 100 locations within five years.

“I loved going to nail salons since a young age, but every time I went to one, I questioned how sterile the environment was and didn’t feel like the style was in line with my sense of self,” said Far, who left a budding corporate career to start the business. “In such a fragmented industry, where business values are lost on the typical nail salon owner, there was a big opportunity to step in and create change by setting a new standard.”

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Rather than sit at traditional desks, patrons are treated to lounge chairs. For efficiency, manicures and pedicures can be performed simultaneously.

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Outside of Dashing Diva, there aren’t many other chain approaches to the nail-care business, despite the fact Americans spend more than $8 billion a year on nail salon services. “There are more than 200,000 nail salons throughout the United States, but no other salon has created a streamlined business model fit for national expansion,” said Far. “I want Bellacures to be the go-to brand in the nail salon industry.”

The salons have 13 to 17 stations and take both walk-ins and scheduled appointments. She’s seen a large increase in male customers, which she attributes to the fact the salons “don’t look like a hole in the wall.”

The most popular services are basic and gel manicures, but everything from waxing to exfoliating is offered. Far describes pricing as middle of the market. A recent special priced at $65 included a manicure, a papaya soak, a sea scrub, clay mask, paraffin treatment, 10-minute massage, cuticle shaping, polish and callus treatment.

She uses her client base to communicate special offers, as well as social media and billboards in Los Angeles.