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Billion Dollar Brows Gives Men the Tools to Up Their Brow Game

The brand has launched a kit targeting guys that it believes will be part of a larger wave of dude brow products.

Men looking to de-Trumpify their eyebrows are in luck.

Billion Dollar Brows is cracking down on caterpillar arches by releasing a Men’s Grooming Kit with tweezers, a stainless-steel comb and straight-edge scissors designed for guys to pluck, trim and smooth their Trumpy tufts. Priced at $22, the kit is available on the brand’s web site.

“Obviously, brows are a female-dominated industry, but we have men working with us and they struggle with the same problems that we do with unruly brows and brow shapes,” said Natalie Plain, cofounder and chief executive officer of Billion Dollar Brows. “They suffer from two main things: unibrows or brows that are too bushy. Men want something simple to trim and groom their brows, and we’ve given them the most basic tool kit.”

Billion Dollar Brows detected a mounting interest in brow maintenance among men after Dollar Shave Club featured brow tips from Plain, and her husband and business partner Bob last year in its editorial publication. “The demand came from our distributors, retailers and customers themselves. They read the interview and came to us saying, ‘I want a men’s kit,’” recounted Plain.

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Since the story ran, Billion Dollars Brows set out to create tools specifically calibrated for men’s hands and brows. “We could have slapped something together and just thrown in our current tweezers and brow gel, but we took time to develop it so it would feel masculine,” said Plain. “It’s a whole different experience to touch these tweezers compared to our other tweezers and adding the comb was essential. It was about a year in the making.”

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Whether men will actually purchase the item or their wives, sisters, girlfriends and female friends will do the task for them is yet-to-be-determined. “The jury is still out,” said Plain. “I think it will be a combination of women and men as purchasers. It could be wives or girlfriends buying for the male counterparts, but we have had men personally ask us for this type of kit.” No matter the purchaser, Plain predicted, “You are going to see a lot more brow products geared toward men.”

If all goes well with the Men’s Grooming Kit, Billion Dollar Brows could introduce a tinted brow gel aimed at guys. The product could help those dealing with the opposite of Trump’s hirsuteness. “There is a whole underground of men that don’t feel as masculine as other men because of a lack of brow hair they have. I wasn’t aware of this until we had a customer who purchased our Universal Brow Pencil, and I asked, ‘You love this item. Tell me more about why.’ He was very upfront and said, ‘I suffer from thin brows. I fill in my brows, and it makes me feel like more of a man.’”

According to Plain, the ultimate goal for many men is to replicate David Beckham’s brows. “He toes the line between taking care of your skin and face while also having the masculinity that men want to achieve. We get requests all the time for his brows,” said Plain. “For the older audience, they tend to go with the George Clooney brow. He’s mister suave.”