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Bubzbeauty Dishes on Eye Shadows for Every Season, Giving Back and Finding Balance

Lindy Tsang, the social-media star better known as Bubzbeauty, has a lot on her plate other than makeup. She’s a mom. She’s a philanthropist. She’s a writer. She’s a T-shirt designer. She’s a real-estate investor. And that’s just what she’s doing at this very moment.

Makeup used to be my world, but my attention is divided. I have all these other things I want to do,” she said. “Obviously, I will continue to do my content, but I can’t say I’m very ambitious as a creator. I’m determined as a person and, simply put, I care more about experiencing things than money.”

As her list of priorities expands, Tsang’s preferences one of her original passions, beauty products, have changed. And the eye-shadow palette she created with BH Cosmetics launching Friday is indicative of her state of mind. She’s not that concerned today with accumulating product after product, but seeks key products that satisfy a broad range of beauty needs.

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“My inspiration was, ‘If I could use only one eye-shadow palette for a whole year, what would I want?’” Tsang said. “I wanted to create day and night looks for all seasons. You can have your natural look and your glam look.” Natural is Tsang’s current jam. “I love the minimalistic look these days because I don’t have as much time, and my looks are cleaner because it saves me time,” she said.

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The $18 palette contains 12 essential shades, including plum, taupe, bronze and gold, each with optimistic monikers such as Happy, Bold and Kind. “When you are putting on your makeup each morning, you remind yourself to be these things,” Tsang said. “My channel has always been about not just how you look but how you feel.”

Tsang is diving deeper into those feelings in a book due out next year. “This book is [centered around] a beautiful mind leading to a beautiful life. I’m not speaking as a professional, but more like a friend. It’s almost like a mini biography where I open up about a lot of my experiences,” she divulged. “It sounds really corny, but, hopefully, it won’t be as cheesy as it sounds. It will be a nice light read.”

Certainly, an experience that shapes Tsang’s life now is motherhood. Her son, Isaac, was born in 2014. Since then, her interest in helping schoolchildren has blossomed. Through proceeds from her T-shirts, she raised money to fund the construction of two schools last year. This year, she’s aiming for three and, in five years, 10 schools is her target. In November, $2 from every purchase of her palette with BH Cosmetics will go to the organization Pencils of Promise.

“I have been concentrating more on giving back. I am really thankful for what I’ve been able to do, and I’ve always thought there must have been a reason for it,” Tsang said. “I can’t really explain it, but I just have this urge to build schools and, with my platform, hopefully, I can do that.” She’s amassed a following of more than six million globally.

Even though she’s busy with the book project, supporting schools, caring for her son and promoting her palette, not to mention owning real-estate properties, developing additional beauty products isn’t out of the question for Tsang. Stepping into the skin-care category is a possibility. “It’s something that I would love to explore and go to Japan myself to visit labs,” she said. “I am a huge advocate of serums. Moisturizer is great, but serum actually penetrates within the skin and that’s what really hydrates. I also love rosehip and jasmine oils. They are amazing.”

Tsang has an idea of what it takes to make beauty products successful. She had a collection of makeup brushes called Bubbi, but the demands of sustaining the brush business became overwhelming. “Only my husband and I managed it, and it got to a point where we didn’t have time to do anything else,” Tsang said. “I do want to do the brushes again, but I might want to collaborate with a company.”

The lesson of Bubbi for Tsang is balance trumps bucks. “In my career, when I was at my peak, I was failing at spending time with friends and family. It is very important to find balance,” she said. “It’s difficult, but it’s possible.”