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Cover Girl’s Natural Turn

The makeup brand is eyeing the luxury set.

Cover Girl is eyeing the luxury set.

Procter & Gamble Co., the makers of the largest mass market cosmetics brand, has forever been saying its various beauty items are geared toward all women’s beauty needs.

NatureLuxe, it newest line of cosmetics, targets the needs of the high-end consumer shopping in the drugstore aisle, one who is looking for a lighter overall makeup look that also provides full makeup coverage, as well as one that has natural qualities.

Positioned as the first luxury and natural-inspired boutique from Cover Girl, NatureLuxe includes a Silk Foundation and a Gloss Balm and uses natural ingredients rather than heavier-feeling synthetics.

The foundation, for example, contains hints of natural jojoba and rosehip extracts, along with cucumber water, rather than a heavier-feeling emollient. The balm contains mango butter, shea and other butters, instead of heavier-feeling oils, to moisturize lips. In a move that is eco-conscious, NatureLuxe’s packaging will contain a very small amount of bioresin, which is a renewable, sustainable, sugarcane-derived plastic.

“This is a pilot test, and as we learn, it is our intention to increase the amounts we use over time,” said Dr. Sarah Vickery, principal scientist, Cover Girl Cosmetics.

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Cover Girl spokeswoman Taylor Swift will be featured in merchandising and ads for NatureLuxe.