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Cue the Social-Media Frenzy: Kylie Cosmetics Adds Eye Shadows

The brand is building its product portfolio before an anticipated leap into retail.

Kylie Jenner’s march to beauty moguldom is taking another stride today with the release of an eye shadow palette from her namesake brand.

The nine-shade bronze Kyshadow palette is one of three palettes Kylie Cosmetics is scheduled to launch this year. Jenner revealed news of the $42 palette on her app, where makeup artist Ariel Tejada guided viewers through how the reality star creates her eye look, and Jenner handed out the item early to a few Los Angeles fans whose reactions were shared via Snapchat.

“I’ve been using this palette every day for the past five or six months. Every Snapchat video, every Instagram you’ve seen me in, it’s been this palette. It’s been so hard to keep this a secret,” said Jenner on the app, adding, “I’m very specific about the color browns that go on my eye. This formula is very long-wearing, and [the shades] blend so effortlessly.”

Currently, Kylie Cosmetics’ products sell only on its web site, but Jenner has hinted the brand will be opening a store. Speculation is rampant that the store could be located in the San Fernando Valley neighborhood Woodland Hills. The leap into eye shadows helps build an assortment to populate a retail environment.

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To date, Kylie Cosmetics has specialized in lip products, including liquid lipstick, lip gloss and lip liner. Matte liquid lipstick shades are packaged together with lip liners in the popular lip kits. Seven of the 15 possible lip kits on are sold out at the moment. Prices presently range from $14 for lip liners to $29 for lip kits, making the palette the most expensive item in Kylie Cosmetics’ product portfolio.