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Del Gives Nail Pens a Touch of Art

Any concerns that Del Cosmetics' innovations would be limited under Coty's management have been squashed by the bevy of new items recently unleashed.

NEW YORK — Any concerns that Del Cosmetics’ innovations would be limited under Coty’s management have been squashed by the bevy of new items recently unleashed.

Fittingly, at Manhattan’s Museum of Arts and Design last month, Del’s Sally Hansen unveiled new designs on nail art, a fresh approach to fast-drying nail color and innovation in lip care and color.

Picking up where its nail color pens started last year, Sally Hansen introduced a Nail Art Pen. The pens are applied over color for personalized looks. A gathering of 14-year-olds trying out the pens yielded designs rivaling that of salon application.

Retailers said they thought the pens, priced at $7.95, could be a good incremental sale to both traditional polish and the original nail pens.

In addition to creating a graffiti look, the pens also produce a custom French manicure, according to Bill Boraczek, senior vice president of marketing for Coty Beauty. There is a salon-style French Manicure pen kit using the pen technology priced at $12.95. Also using the pen technology were Quick Care Nail Treatment Pens designed for a variety of needs such as cuticle treatment to manicure clean ups.

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Boraczek said another new item, Insta-Dri, is an “instant success.” Insta-Dri is the next level of fast drying nail color, he added. The high-shine nail color can be applied in seconds, requiring less than a minute to dry. “One problem with quick drying polishes is that they don’t last — but this one does,” Boraczek said. He singled out the bottle — inspired by fragrance packages — as bringing a more upscale image to mass.

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It appears to be a good time to bring more items into the nail category, a business bucking the trend and posting sales growth when most beauty sales are lagging. According to ACNielsen figures for the 52-week period ended November 29, 2008, nail category sales rose 5.5 percent from $268 million to $285 million in food, drug and mass stores, excluding Wal-Mart.

Sally Hansen hopes to continue to translate its strength in nails to lips. Enhancing Lip Inflation, the company introduced a plumper with more color. Also, predicting that matte looks will emerge in popularity, Annette Devita, vice president of marketing for Sally Hansen, demonstrated a Moist and Matte Lip Color. She also debuted a Diamond Lip 12-Hour Lip Treatment including Retinol. But perhaps her favorite launch was Sculpt & Shape, a lip reshaper. “It’s like Spanx for your lips,” she quipped. The product, retailing for $8.95, defines and remodels lips without lip liner thanks to stay-put pigments in sculpted bullet dispensers. Lip sales could use some gloss — ACNielsen data shows the category down 2.2 percent for 52-week period ended November 29, 2008 from $552 million to $540 million in food, drug and mass stores, excluding Wal-Mart.

The company also launched new products in hand care and depilatories. “Your hands really show your age,” said Boraczek, who demonstrated several salon-quality hand products for home. In hair removal, Sally Hansen has a unique new item with Natural Bare Waxing Strips for Faces & Little Spaces. “People have hair in odd places they want to get rid of,” said Devita. The strips have wax that can be applied to small spaces such as toes, knuckles or chins. There is also a new Sensitive Skin Spray-On Shower-Off Hair Remover and a Natural Bre Crème Hair Remover for Body.

Sally Hansen Natural Beauty by Carmindy has hit upon a chord with women who want natural products to enhance their best beauty traits. Reacting to direction from What Not To Wear’s Carmindy, Sally Hansen is adding new items including an Airbrush Spray Makeup. “This is high definition makeup,” said Devita. Other new items Carmindy helped create include a Forever Stay Eye Pencil, a Natural Highlighter Duo and an Ultra Soothing Lip Tint.

Using the new products, several artists created designs including a dress made out of Quick Care Treatment pens, a bee comprised of wax products and hand creams featured in a day at the beach display.