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MILAN — With sales rising steadily over the past several years — up 20 percent over 2007 — Italian makeup and skin care brand Diego Dalla Palma decided the time was right to launch a professional product line, Diego Dalla Palma Professional.

Della Palma’s parent company, AGGF Cosmetics, wanted to “melt” Diego Della Palma’s glamorous image with the scientific research of RVB Skin Lab, another AGGF brand, according to marketing director Micol Caivano.

Caivano also said that while the professional cosmetics sector tends to be very “classic” — and occasionally stuffy — the Diego Dalla Palma brand will bring a fresher, trendier element into the mix.

Although Italy is still extricating itself from a messy financial crisis, Caivano noted that Diego Dalla Palma has had a consistently positive turnover in the past several years. “During times of crisis, instead of pulling back, brands with a specific expertise can pull through,” she said. “The crisis is and isn’t here. You have to have the courage to continue investing.”

The first professional products are now being made available, and include skin cleansing, antiaging and moisturizing products. The company will gradually add to the existing range, and by mid-2014 the company will have a full professional line in stores.

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Diego Dalla Palma and RVB products are currently available at 1,000 doors in Italy, and the professional line will reach all of those and more over time, Caivano said, explaining that within the next year and a half total distribution should reach 1,600 points of sale.

RVB products are currently available in 36 countries, whereas Diego Della Palma is just beginning to make its way into the international scene, with a monobrand store in Shanghai and several sales points in China, as well as select distribution in the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, the U.S. and Germany, among others.