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Diego Dalla Palma’s China Push

The Italian makeup and skin care brand is opening a second store in April.

MILAN — Italian makeup and skin care brand Diego Dalla Palma is ramping up its international business in China.

Micol Caivano, communication and marketing manager, said here recently the company is set to open a freestanding store in Beijing in April, following the launch of its first 2,152-square-foot Chinese store in October in Shanghai, located in the city’s Jing’an District — a major international luxury shopping street.

Dalla Palma signed a deal with Chinese beauty distributor Lezare International at the end of 2010, and plans are now afoot to open around 50 shop-in-shops by the end of 2012 in China’s most important department stores. Caivano also said the brand is in talks with a distributor for the U.S. and U.K.

Meanwhile, the company has overhauled its skin care line, Concura, repositioning and expanding the collection. Originally aimed at the medium to high end of the market since its launch in 2007, the beauty manufacturer has strategically lowered its prices to appeal to a larger audience. Entry prices now start from 19 euros, or about $26.

Dalla Palma is also addressing other issues that previously hindered the line’s growth: the skin care’s packaging has been redesigned to feature the Diego Dalla Palma logo alongside the Concura brand, and two new ranges — sun care and lifting programs — have been added to the existing collection that consists of a base, hydrating and antiaging products.

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The new skin care collections are set to hit beauty counters in Europe, the Middle East and China beginning in March.