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Isaac Doustar Named CEO at Doucce

The growth playbook for Doucce includes international expansion, increased sampling and select physical store distribution.

Doucce Names New CEO
Isaac Doustar

Isaac Doustar has been appointed chief executive officer of Doucce, a color cosmetics brand. Doustar was formerly chief operating officer and has been with the company for most of its 10-year history. He succeeds Moe Doustar and Robert Farajollah as co-ceo’s. Doustar and Farajollah will remain on Doucce’s board of directors and as the newly appointed executive chairman and president, respectively.

“Isaac has been with the brand since the early days and his vision across the business has led to triple-digit growth and a successful product strategy that has defined what Doucce is known for,” Farajollah stated.

Doustar is charged with helping Doucce gear up for the future. “The market has changed drastically, brick-and-mortar isn’t what it used to be. The way of doing business has evolved,” he said. In particular, the emergence of e-commerce is changing the game in beauty, especially since augmented reality technology allows consumers to virtually try on color cosmetics and click to buy. The globalization of beauty is another movement that he feels brands need to embrace. “It is so easy to expand into markets with a major e-commerce platform,” he said, adding the brand has had demand from across the globe.

In an interview with WWD, Doustar mapped out a blueprint for growth including broadening Doucce’s global reach, the continuation of a strong digital strategy, sampling through subscription boxes and select physical store distribution. “We started out primarily with a strong Middle East business and started expanding into the U.S., which is a saturated and difficult market,” Doustar said. Like many upstarts, Doucce hit upon success with the subscription box model. “That really put us on the map in terms of getting products out there and into the hands of users rather than traditional advertising routes and going through the standard retail channels to get the products out there. It was a consumer first model, but now we are getting ready to expand [in retailers] in the U.S. The company teamed up with Beauty Strategy Group to help manage sales growth.

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Beyond domestic growth, Doustar plans to accelerate global expansion. The company just launched in the U.K., including distribution in the Birchbox retail store and its e-commerce platform and on The Birchbox connection also includes France and Spain. Doucce is being added to the lineup at Flaconi, Germany and Austria’s largest beauty e-commerce retailer. In Latin America, Doucce is cornerstone of the beauty assortment at a beauty specialty retailer Moresi. The brand rounds out the color assortment including The Balm, Cargo and NYX. “All of this is supported by our sampling,” he added. “This year we have 6.5 million units planned overall in global samples.”

Doucce’s board also appointed Bash Naran as the new chief commercial officer. Bash Naran recently served as Doucce’s chief marketing officer. His replacement has yet to be named.