Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore is planting Flower Beauty’s first seeds of expansion.

The Hollywood-star-turned-entrepreneur this week announced to a room of beauty editors gathered at The Crosby Hotel that beginning in early 2017, she will start selling her Wal-Mart-exclusive line of makeup and fragrance on her own web site, Flowerbeauty.com. Currently, the web site redirects users to walmart.com in order to make a purchase.

Selling within her own online space will allow Barrymore to extend her reach to a wider audience. “As we go into e-commerce next year, with that venue and platform we’ll be able to have even more shades,” said Barrymore, who noted that because of its size, Flower Beauty is given less space in brick-and-mortar than some of the giant mass brands. But a dedicated e-commerce destination could remedy that, she hopes. “We’re not like Maybelline, Revlon, Cover Girl, L’Oréal [Paris]…they get to have 28 shades and we’re working with eight to 10.”

Barrymore noted that appealing to a multicultural consumer is a key focus of hers. “We try to be analytical in the skin tones and foundations, as well as passionate and creative. I’m very aware of the pink [undertones], the yellow…I wish we could do even more,” she said.

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Also new for 2017 are a host of new products, complete with updated white and rose gold packaging. “This year things feel a little more ergonomic — very clean lines,” Barrymore said. “And I really wanted everything to show as much as possible….We were doing these sculpted windows for a few years and as fun as that was it altered the look of the product. What you see is what you get and we [wanted] to show the product off.”

Among the new products are the Shimmer and Shade eye shadow palettes, which Barrymore stressed contain only non-intimidating shades. “As I’ve built palettes in the past, I would always try to throw that one color in…and it’s like people don’t really use the pumpkin,” she said. “I learned my lesson on pumpkin.”

There is also the Shimmer and Strobe highlighting palettes and the Lift and Sculpt contouring palettes, both of which Barrymore described as “fool-proof,” and inspired by prestige products by the likes of Hourglass and Surratt. “I’ve learned the hard way that the [highlighting and contouring] pigments are tough on your skin…you are blending and blending. With shades that are elegant and light, you can always put on more.”

Other new 2017 launches include an eye primer and makeup blending sponge.

Barrymore has created a niche for herself within the mass market, catering to women seeking uncomplicated everyday makeup routines. “We try to be bold and have color play, but I think we are inherently a little bit more traditional, ‘pretend you have time for your vanity table’ type of brand,” she said. “Timeless, positive messaging, really formula-driven in our innovation and we’re not that sort of kooky color brand. Every year we embrace that more and more.”