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Two Female Entrepreneurs Turn Life’s Challenges Into Makeup ‘War Paint’

Millennial entrepreneurs such as Tori Robinson and Leah O'Malley who creates the Boys Lie collection are shaking up the beauty landscape.

Tori Robinson and Leah O’Malley developed a friendship through their respective boyfriends. Those relationships ended, but the bond between the two women didn’t. They funneled their frustrations into creating a cosmetics line they hope resonates with young women called Boys Lie.

“Boys Lie became our mantra to get us through tough times,” said Robinson. “It literally became the excuse for everything,” added O’Malley. “Our makeup is the war paint used to battle heartbreak, a bad day at work, or any other form of adversity.”

Only 24 years old, the duo joins a growing list of young beauty founders such as Kylie Jenner and Ally and Taylor Frankel who believe they have an ear to the ground of what consumers want.

Two Female Entrepreneurs Turn Life's Challenges
Boys Lie lipstick.

Boys Lie, consisting of 48 stockkeeping units, launches Nov. 8 on There are five products — four highlighter shades, eight eye shadow palettes, eight lip glosses, 12 lipsticks and 16 liquid lips. The tightly edited lineup was designed to build momentum for the brand, which retails for between $15 and $34. More products are in the pipeline. “We want to grow and make this a full lifestyle brand” said Robinson. And despite the name Boys Lie, the brand is aimed at men, too. “We always say boys lie, men don’t. There are men who wear makeup better than I do,” said O’Malley.

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Two Female Entrepreneurs Turn Life's Challenges
Boys Lie launches Nov. 8 online.

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The founders have an inside line on the beauty business. Robinson grew up learning about product creation through her family’s business, Keystone Industries, a cosmetics manufacturer. Keystone acquired a private-label beauty company called Makeup My Cosmetics in San Diego where Robinson and O’Malley relocated to from the Philadelphia area. O’Malley sharpened her skills at Yelp, which she credits with giving her insight into consumer trends. “We have the background to understand how to create the quality products consumers want. We are inclusive and can cover all skin tones,” Robinson said.

The Boys Lie Instagram account is filled with memes about relationships and has already attracted interest from social figures such as Ming Lee Simmons, Delilah Belle Amelia Hamlin and Jocelyn Nickel.