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FaceCake Unveils Its Latest: An App to Duplicate Runway Looks in One Step

Red Carpet looks can be snared on put together in one step with new app.

FaceCake is at it again.

The company that delivered ShadeScout and Cargo Cosmetics’ Cake app, just launched its latest innovation. Instead of re-creating a fashion runway look by piecing together products, FaceCake Marketing Technologies makes it possible to do so in one step.

The timing is fortuitous with New York Fashion Week beginning next month. Called GlamScout, the new smartphone app allows users the opportunity to find real product matches to any full cosmetic look from a magazine, a web site or in real life. Using proprietary visual search technology, GlamScout performs a multicategory search through thousands of products and instantly delivers product matches for the complete look from more than 100 mass and class brands. “Like a pocket-sized makeup stylist, GlamScout tells you how to get anyone’s look instantly. This is how women want to shop — with their phone from wherever they are, whenever they’re inspired, in one easy step,” said FaceCake founder and chief executive officer Linda Smith.

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The user simply uploads a photo of a desired makeup look, takes a picture in real-time or selects from a featured look on the app. From there, GlamScout identifies the makeup shades and provides direct product matches.

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Users can tap the built-in augmented reality feature to virtually try makeup on in real-time using the device’s camera. FaceCake’s Try-On feature accounts for skin tone variations and lighting conditions. Feedback can be elicited from friends and family by sharing the completed look on social media and purchases can be made from the app.

FaceCake’s ShadeScout ushered in a technology to shoot a color and find a brand duplicating that shade. The app directed users to the brands as well as allowing them to click-through to buy. Cargo’s Cake allows the brand’s shoppers to virtually try on products in real-time using a webcam or any desktop or mobile browser without downloading an app.

This appears to be the year of the beauty app, experts said, with the quality of the technology improving and women discovering they can experiment with augmented reality without having to wash their face in between application. The next step will be to measure the sales conversion rate from app use.