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Inika Organic Growing in U.S. as Consumers Look for a Skin Detox

In five years Inika Organic wants to be the "go-to" brand for premium organic beauty.

With a demand for organic cosmetics hitting a zenith in the U.S., Inika Organic, an Australian-based brand, is finding a groundswell of support for its 100 percent vegan, certified organic and cruelty-free line.

“We were born out of a need to detox,” said Regis Haberkorn, president of sales and marketing for Inika Organic USA. “Conscious consumers were already removing harmful chemicals from their homes and diet, replacing them with wholesome, pure and natural alternatives. When it came to makeup, there wasn’t a healthy option.” Founded in Australia in 2006, Inika Organic is recognized as a pioneer in the natural cosmetic space, with expertise in the formulation of premium cosmetics.

“We have grown 52 percent in 2017 globally,” said Haberkorn. “In five years, we want to become the ‘go-to’ brand for healthy makeup in premium retail worldwide.” Industry sources believe that Inika Organic can hit the $100 million in annual sales within the next three years.

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In the past year, Inika Organic has rolled out to about 100 premium natural and health stores in America, including Pharmaca, Erewhon and Metro Drugs Integrative Pharmacy, as well as salons and spas. Inika Organic is available on its own e-commerce site as well as on Amazon. The range is sold internationally with expansion into Canada due this fall. The product assortment spans 153 items, including color cosmetics and brushes, priced between $16 and $49. Emerging as hero products and influencer favorites are the Certified Organic BB Cream and the Long Lash Vegan Mascara, said Haberkorn. The brand added shades to accommodate more skin tones.

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“While consumers have found efficacious natural skin-care brands, color cosmetics have been more challenging with users often disappointed in performance,” Haberkorn said. Use by celebrity makeup artists has helped drive awareness of the color payoff of Inika Organic, according to Terri Slater, a company executive. Additionally, Australia’s strict certification standards lends credence to the quality of its formulas, the company said.

Australia accounts for about 70 percent of sales throughout more than 500 doors, but as distribution expands in other markets, that percentage is expected to decrease. Fueling growth has been chatter from influencers. “We’ve been lucky to receive a wonderful public embrace. The influencer community has really rallied behind the brand,” said Tommy Herd, chief executive officer of T1 Advertising. Herd teamed up with Inika Organic to raise the brand’s profile in the U.S. “Ninety percent of our influencer coverage is authentic unpaid support [versus paid]. We punctuate that with strategic placement with top-tier celebrities, like Rose Bertram.”