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Jaime King Teams Up With ColourPop

A new brand, called Alchemy, breaks the basic rules of makeup use.

Actress and model Jaime King is encouraging consumers to break the unwritten rules of makeup with a collection for ColourPop. Launching Thursday following an afternoon event at the Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles, the 12-piece collection, called Alchemy, features products that are designed for different uses across multiple areas of the face.

The line spans eye shadows, highlighters, lip pencils, sculpting sticks, blush and lipsticks that ColourPop dubs Lippie Stix. The versatile products sell for $5 alone or $30 in sets.

“The blush is not just a blush, it’s also for your lips. The [highlighter shade] Golden Child is not just for eyes, it’s also a bronzer. The same thing goes for the Lippies. The Lippies are also applicable to the cheeks,” said King, emphasizing, “This isn’t just makeup for straight pretty girls. This makeup is for everyone. Beauty doesn’t have to be stuck in a box.”

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King’s open-minded approach to creating the Alchemy collection melded well with ColourPop’s ethos, according to founder and president Laura Nelson. “There really isn’t one standard everyone has to fit,” she said. “If you are using an eye shadow as a blush, you should have the ability to experiment and do that. We are breaking some of the traditional boundaries of makeup. That is really what ColourPop is about. We are about freedom of expression.”

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The approach crystallized in the collection’s signature product, a translucent peach shadow with a glittery sheer finish. “It is a game-changing, different product,” said King. “Like most beauty lovers are, I was quite frustrated that you have to make a decision about whether you want something matte or shimmery. Alchemy can be applied by itself or over any other product to take it from matte to shimmer. It is truly alchemy because you can use it with so many of the products you already have and turn them into something completely different.”

If the products don’t follow a strict beauty manual, it’s at least partially because the process to produce them didn’t either. Nelson said, “It wasn’t a situation where you sit down with a contract and say, ‘We are going to do four stockkeeping units.’ It was much more organic than that.” Case in point: the sculpting products aptly named Sculpting Stix were last-minute additions King lobbied for that pushed ColourPop into a new product category. They come in creamy white and warm brown varieties. “Laura’s a wizard and made it happen for me. I am really proud of it,” said King. “They are so easy to handle. I love things that are easy to use.”

Long before she ventured into the collaboration with ColourPop, King took an unconventional path. The Omaha native started modeling as a young teenager and then pivoted into acting when she was at the top of her game as a model. Now, she’s plunged into digital entertainment content with “Attention Deficit Theater,” a comedy sketch series on the online platform CW Seed with 10 episodes that are five to seven minutes each. “It’s tips and tricks from my brain about fitness, fashion, game nights, dating and the pressures put on us living in the tech world. It has amazing cast members from The Groundlings and Upright Citizens Brigade,” said King.

On top of the show and the collection with ColourPop, King is working on a book of poems with writer Kris Kidd, partnering with the brand Gardner and the Gang on a line of children’s clothes, and developing a women’s apparel line. “There are so many fun things I’m doing right now,” she said, elaborating that the line with Gardner and the Gang is “the first gender fluid line for babies and for children. Boys will be wearing pink and girls will be wearing blue. It is about being brave and who you are, and it is about letting go of traditional ideas that we have put upon our children.”