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Jane Cosmetics Relaunching in Spring

Available online in January at and in stores this March, the brand regains its footing thanks to its acquisition by Patriarch Partners.

Regaining its footing thanks to its acquisition by Patriarch Partners, Jane Cosmetics will be relaunching with a spring collection. Available online in January at and in stores this March; products range in price from $5.99 for a concealer to $9.99 for tinted moisturizer. According to the brand, the plan is to usher in a new fan base while bringing back memories for past brand devotees. In addition to beauty offerings, the new Jane will focus on female camaraderie, confidence, and giving back through The Friends of Jane, a network of women who share a love of beauty, fashion, and charity. “I’m about bringing back American brands that people don’t forget and bringing [it] new life,” said Patriarch Partners founder and chief executive officer, Lynn Tilton. “[Jane is] a brand with great products but also a reflection of what’s in my heart; supporting and empowering women.”

Seeking to prove that “confidence comes in many colors,” the brand will be offering multiple high-pigmented options in a wide range of shades including, long lasting Cream Eye Shadow and Water-Resistant Eye Liner. Lip collections will include sheer, shimmery, and color glosses, while complexion options will be cream blush, bronzer, and illuminizer. The line will also feature makeup palettes—comprised of three eye shadows and powder blush—for $9.99 each. As an additional bonus for Jane and its customers, the new products were developed with Stila (also owned by Patriarch Partners) for increased quality. “I go shopping twice a year and I was on one of my annual trips, shopping at Gucci and everyone there wanted my Jane lip gloss,” said Tilton.

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The Friends of Jane Lip Collection, made up of three pink glosses, will benefit the brand’s charity efforts with 100 percent of the net proceeds being donated to various causes. Currently, Friends of Jane is working with She’s the First, an organization raising money dedicated to education for poverty stricken girls. “I have always felt that women are creative forces, I want women to feel that they can dream big dreams and be successful,” said Tilton. “Our customers are all about giving back .”

Available in over 1,000 doors, including, Stage, Bealls, Goody’s, Palais Royal, and Peebles, the brand will be relying on Friends of Jane for marketing as well as public relations and social media networking. Industry sources estimate first year re-launch retail sales to reach between $8 and $10 million. Keeping in line with its mission of giving back, Jane is looking to move manufacturing back into America as a way to create more jobs. “I think I can recreate this brand and hope that women will come together empowered,” said Tilton. “When women feel beautiful, they feel confident and I think we lose so much of ourselves when we lose beauty, but beauty also has to come from within and this younger generation wants to give back — they are much more aligned with doing for others than for themselves and we are trying to bring high quality, affordable products developed by Stila and have it reflect the values of the young women giving back and taking care of others.”