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Jenna Hipp’s Nail Polishes Land at Thrive Market

The green celebrity manicurist is broadening her brand out from Costco with four red shades and six nude shades available at the online organic food delivery service.

About six years ago, it dawned on green celebrity manicurist Jenna Hipp that Trader Joe’s could address her grocery market gripes by sending one of its employees to gather the items on her shopping list and dropping them off in her car. She even registered the domain name to encourage the grocery chain to sign on to her plan.

“I had this whole idea that I was going to talk to Trader Joe’s corporate because I was so upset with their small parking lots. I was coming from a very frustrated space,” said Hipp, adding she ultimately didn’t end up pitching Trader Joe’s on her concept and relinquished the requisite URL. “I come up with a thousand ideas like that. I think I own 500 domains,” she laughed.

While Trader Joe’s didn’t pay Hipp millions to implement her food straight-to-you initiative, it turns out she was prescient. Today, a slew of digital grocery businesses have popped up, notably Thrive Market, an organic food-delivery service that recently launched a six-shade range of nude polishes and a four-shade range of red polishes from Hipp’s namesake brand. The polishes are priced at $9.95 each for Thrive Market members.

Unsurprisingly, Hipp is a huge fan of Thrive Market. She raves about its expediency and wellness mission. “Thrive is an online store for the healthy person who likes convenience. I’m raising my hand high because that’s me. I’m so in love with grocery shopping online,” said Hipp. “More than anything, Thrive is the first socially conscious online store. To get on board with it on the ground level is a compliment to me and my brand. They only take natural products, and you have to meet a certain standard to be able to be considered to be sold there.”

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Jeremiah McElwee, senior vice president of merchandising at Thrive Market and former executive global coordinator for beauty, apparel and wellness at Whole Foods, is equally effusive about Hipp and her brand. Jenna Hipp polishes, designed to dry quickly and last long, join a Thrive Market selection of polishes free of formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate, toluene, formaldehyde resin and camphor, including those from No Miss Cosmetics and NCLA.

“Jenna is a thought leader in the green beauty space,” said McElwee. “Not only are her products amazing, but getting to know the person behind them is wonderful, too.”

The nude shades available at Thrive Market aren’t Hipp’s only journey into nude lacquers. In 2011, she partnered with RGB Cosmetics on a series of nudes she related to foundations, a notion she acknowledges wasn’t easy to grasp.

“I really wanted to bring that cosmetic approach to nails, but it didn’t really work,” said Hipp. “I wanted to create an updated version of the collection I did with RGB and, with this collection, I wanted it to feel more approachable. The nudes before were very much skin-tone specific. These can be used on a variety of skin tones.”

Although Hipp’s brand relies on the term “nude,” Hipp prefers to describe the beige, peach, almond and sand options such her shades Air Kiss, Call Sheet and Sure Thing as underpinning a “clean manicure.” The nude color a customer picks depends on “how clean you like your hands to feel,” said Hipp, elaborating a clean manicure is appealing because it “feels fresh, and it’s not distracting. It’s going to go with everything you are wearing, your makeup and handbag choices. It’s kind of a no-brainer. Once your nails are done, they are ready to go, and you feel confident with every other decision you have to make.”

Hipp’s four red polishes called Marnie, Ruby Rose, Line of Fire and Scarlett Letter are a deep oxblood, dark ruby red, bright red and classic red, respectively.

“Each of these reds will draw out a different feeling, mood, character or personality in you,” Hipp said. “It is very similar to lipstick. When you put on your red lipstick, your whole personality changes, and this collection of reds is meant to do the same thing.”

Established three years ago, Jenna Hipp premiered at Costco and continues to be stocked by the warehouse club company as well as Thrive Market. Looking forward to the future of her brand, Hipp pointed to nail care as a segment it could explore further. It’s already introduced nail tools and treatments.

“Consumers like color, and they like to see seasonal trends, and I want to provide that, but my passion and at the core of what I do is provide products that foster nail health,” said Hipp. “I want women to think about taking care of their natural nails as opposed to using products to cover them up all the time.”