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Kaley Cuoco, Rashida Jones and Chelsea Handler Support Jamie Greenberg’s New Cosmetics Line

The makeup artist to the stars releases her first product today, the blighlighter.

Makeup artist Jamie Greenberg has the support of her high-profile clients, as she unveils her first cosmetics brand today: Jamie Makeup. Greenberg kicks off the launch with the release of “blighlighter,” a blush and highlighter combo.

“I’ve worked with Jamie for over 10 years hoping one day she would come out with her own product, and finally it’s here,” actress Kaley Cuoco told WWD. “The blighlighter is beautiful, easy to use, natural, bright, clean, practical and made with love, just like Jamie.”

Greenberg has also worked with Kristen Stewart, Christina Applegate, Jessica Alba, Joey King, Elisabeth Moss, Rashida Jones and Chelsea Handler.

“Jamie is extremely talented,” said Jones. “When she does my face, I always look like the greatest version of me, but if we want to experiment a bit with color or drama, Jamie is always up for it. She loves what she does, and I adore being around her and her passion.”

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For her part, adding humor, Handler noted: “My favorite thing about working with Jamie is that she makes it impossible to be in a bad mood. I love the blighlighter, because it brings out whatever youth is left in me.”

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The women are eager to share their support, a testament to their individual relationships with Greenberg. The makeup artist, a mom of three, has been in the industry for 15 years: “I literally started from the bottom. I’ve worked in department stores. I worked at Ulta [Beauty], Bloomingdale’s. I climbed that ladder.”

Jamie Greenberg
The “blighlighter” is available in three shades: pink, cherry and nude. Courtesy

With Jamie Makeup, she wants to “minimize the number of options” in beauty for “the busy woman,” she said.

Out direct-to-consumer at for $34 each, Greenberg offers three shades of this first product — which is made with hyaluronic acid and shea butter, is vegan and free of harmful ingredients: pink, cherry and nude.

“What can I make that people don’t have, that I don’t see in their [makeup] kits?” she asked herself when starting the line. “What can I do in that arena that’s different from everybody else?”

The answer was this mix of blush and highlighter that she would create for her clients using a number of products throughout the years. Now, it’s all in one via the blighlighter. And that’s also the aim for future releases, she added.

“They will be hybrid, and they will be brushless,” she said of items in the works, which include a lip and eye product. She will also offer three more colors of the blighlighter. “It’s going to be the essentials.”