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Kiss Products Blazes New Territory in Artificial Nail and Lash Categories

Technology advancements slated to keep the sales momentum expanding in artificial nails and lashes.

Kiss Products unveiled new product innovations for 2017 designed to keep the momentum building in artificial nails and false eyelashes categories.

The company delivers innovation in those two segments, which are two of the fastest-growing beauty categories in the mass market. For the 52-week ended Oct. 30 tracked by IRI in mass doors, glue-on eyelash sales soared almost 30 percent. The artificial nail segment pumped out growth of 10 percent, despite declines in other nail products such as lacquers.

“We want to be category drivers,” said Annette DeVita-Goldstein, senior vice president of global marketing at Kiss Products Inc. According to IRI, Kiss’ eyelash adhesives and artificial eyelashes both churned out sales increases exceeding 50 percent for the most recently tracked 52-week period.

“We have our ear to the ground for beauty trends,” DeVita-Goldstein explained, adding the company noticed celebrities and beauty icons were wearing mink artificial lashes to achieve a fluffy and luxurious look.

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With a three-fold goal of making nonfur options that would be lighter and more affordable, the Kiss team created Lash Couture, Faux Mink Collection. New technology with a knotless lash band was implemented to create a natural, layered look. The lashes, which mimic the look of mink without using real fur, bow on shelves in January in six lash styles retailing for $5.99. The lashes are reusable up to 10 times.

Kiss Faux Mink Collection Lash Couture
Kiss Faux Mink Collection Lash Couture

“Lashes are instantly transformational,” said DeVita-Goldstein, who believes the advantages of the faux mink will attract more users to the false eyelash category. To complement the new lashes, Kiss also rolled out a new strip lash adhesive that is strong, but gentle thanks to the infusion of Biotin and Blueberry Extract.

In artificial nails, Kiss revealed the next generation of its imPRESS Press On Manicure with new Superhold technology and updated packaging.

At the core is improved adhesive technology using a dual-layer adhesive formulated to work differently on the natural nail versus the artificial surface. DeVita-Goldstein said women are embracing the ease of artificial nails, which are easy to apply and remove as needed. “Women are more open-minded and looking for something better than traditional nail polish and gels,” she said. As a category, nail polish sales sank 11 percent during the 52 weeks ended Oct. 30.

A feature in the new iteration of imPRESS is the inclusion of an accent nail in the package. Kiss stresses education and consumer demonstrations when possible — two strategies proven to move the sales needle. Packages have 30 nails including six accent options, a prep pad and mini file priced at $6.99.