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Kiss Rolls Out Items and Lands in Ulta Beauty

Consumers are becoming more confident with easy-to-use artificial nails and lashes, providing retailers with growth in an otherwise lackluster mass beauty category.

Kiss Products has been a catalyst in the growth of artificial lashes and artificial nails, two categories bucking the soft sales picture in mass market beauty.

According to recent IRI data, false lashes and adhesive sales soared almost 29 percent while artificial nails were up 6.6 percent at a time when overall nail-care sales plummeted 9.5 percent. Conversely, facial, mascara and lipstick volume dipped 4 percent. In lashes, Kiss is producing 50 percent gains. Kiss has produced double-digit sales growth in the artificial nail segment for the past three years.

That eye-opening growth caught the attention of Ulta Beauty, which will add Kiss lashes starting next month. “We will offer a wide assortment of sku’s, in a dedicated brand fixture designed to facilitate product selection and enhance shopability,” said Annette DeVita-Goldstein, senior vice president of global marketing for Kiss Products Inc. Plans call for the fixture to also house the Lash Wardrobe app that allows women to virtually try on any lashes before buying.

Also on the front burner at Kiss are launches in both nails and lashes for 2018. In lashes, Kiss’ fastest-growing segment, the direction is expanding the offer for different looks. One is Blowout Lash, a wispy look created with a process where each lash undergoes a specialized washing, drying and treatment process that causes the cuticle to expand from the inside out creating an effect similar to “back-teasing” hair. Another launch is Lash Couture Triple Push Up, a three-lash design in one inspired by Elizabeth Taylor’s famous double-layered lashes.

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It features a triple design technology combining three different lash patterns, multiple levels of thickness and a variety of curls. At the premium end, Kiss is introducing Lash Couture the 5th Avenue Collection, lashes made from high-quality silk.

DeVita-Goldstein explained the booming interest in artificial lashes. “It is an instant gratification beauty accessory that makes such a difference on your look that more and more women are adding lashes to their beauty routine,” she said. Retailers added artificial lashes are an economical alternative to professional lash lengthening.

In nails, Kiss is also unleashing three new artificial nail items — Glam Fantasy, Jewel Fantasy and a Special FX imPRESS Press On Manicure. Glam Fantasy features matte, glitter, metallic, chrome, glass and holographic styles. Jewel Fantasy adds bling with real crystals stones. Under its imPRESS logo, the Special FX Press On Manicure is a one-step manicure in minutes with improved hold capabilities along with a technology that broadens the scope of designs.

In the pipeline, Kiss plans to keep introducing products to match with consumer demand for highly stylized, customized nail looks. “What we have been able to achieve in these nails would either be impossible or impractical even at a salon. We are featuring holographic, chrome, shattered glass, new glitter effects and more,” DeVita-Goldstein said. “We will offer these finishes and effects across imPRESS Press On Manicure and our Gel Fantasy brands. The company also is using in-store promotional displays and special limited-edition collections to build artificial nail product sales throughout the year.

Kiss Nails adorned the talons of Chrissy Teigen at this week’s Grammy Awards, while Kiss lashes were worn by Cardi B on the red carpet. Next up Kiss nails will be worn during Christian Siriano and Naeem Khan shows during New York Fashion Week.